"Well balanced & high quality male."


Champion International de Beauté
Champion International d'Exposition
Finnish, Swedish, Danish & Nordic Champion
Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian & Baltic Champion
Estonian & Latvian Junior Champion
Baltic Junior Winner 2016 & Swedish Junior Winner 2016 &
Swedish Winner 2016 & Finnish Junior Winner 2016

" Chili "

fawn cirneco dell'etna male
20.11.2015 - 31.05.2019

breeder: Sanna Koponen
owner: Paula Virta

Eyes (3/2018): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patellar luxation (1/2017): 0/0
Patellar luxation (3/2018): 0/0
Heart (1/2017): no murmurs
Heart (3/2018): no murmurs
Hips (1/2017): A/A
Elbows (1/2017): 0/0
Spine (12/2017): LTV0, SP0, VA0

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"Classic masculine head with correct ears."

Our next dog was supposed to be a hunting dog but Chili came into our life like it was meant to be. I had watched Chili and his siblings grow up since they were born. I even went to see them before most of them moved to their new homes. After a while Chili and his brother Casper were looking for the perfect home of their own so they were still together. Then one day we got an emergency message that Casper had broken his leg badly and Chili needed a place to live while his brother recovers. Late in the same evening we drove to pick up Chili. When your friend needs you, you gotta help.

When Chili came to our home it felt like he had always been with us and our older cirneco Indy was happier than ever to have a friend just like him. Our poodles feel like Indy is little bit too pushy for them, but now Indy got a friend that understood him straight away. It was magical to watch these two play together like they had been together forever. After couple of days we decided that Chili should stay with us - and so he did :)

Chili was like a wild tornado, always going from place to place, usually all four legs up in the air. He loved with all of his heart and he liked to snuggle right next to me. He had so much love to give and if he really liked you, he could give you a beautiful smile showing his teeth. Chili was really sensitive and training track racing and lure coursing was a bit of challenge with him. But he loved to run and that was all that mattered.

But then Chili started to limp his front leg and it was really painful and swollen. He had limped it once before but it didn't last long so I wasn't worried about it. But now he wasn't using the leg almost at all, so the situation was now really bad. I took him to x-ray and it showed bone tumor, so there was no other option than letting him go. Chili's brother Casper had died in an accident at August 2018, so I really hope that these two brothers are now back together - like they were when Chili moved to us and our story began.

Thank you Sanna for this little shooting star. He was my special boy.

"Lovely very promising young dog."

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