"Masculine male with excellent breed type."

#1 top winning petit bleu de gascogne in Finland 2019
#1 top winning petit bleu de gascogne in Finland 2018

Finnish Champion
Helsinki Junior Winner 2018 Helsinki Winner 2018
Finnish Junior Winner 2018 Finnish Winner 2018

" Elmo "

blue petit bleu de gascogne male

breeder: Terhi Kämäräinen & Mirva Kääriäinen
owner: Janne Herukka c/o Paula Virta

Hips (10/2019): B/A
Elbows (10/2019): 0/0

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"Noble, masculin, well-balanced."

After Indy we were supposed to get a hunting dog for Janne, but then Chili surprisingly joined our team. After that, we didn’t have any rush to get another dog, because our pack was full. In June 2017 we had to let go of Finik, so we had an open spot in our pack, but we wanted Chili to grow up some more first. Little bit before Chili’s 2nd birthday Janne found an interesting litter and he showed the breed for me. The breed caught my eye and made me curious, so I had to look it up. After reading and studying about PBDG I was sold to the breed, so I asked if Janne would really like to have one of these as a hunting dog and not some more traditional breed. His answer was yes, so I contacted the breeders to learn more about the breed and the rest is history.

We went to see the puppies two times before they would leave to their own homes and on our 2nd visit we chose Elmo. His charming expression (first pic in the row) had already made me fall in love with him a week before we officially chose him for us. The whole litter was really nice, but you always find the one for yourself and Elmo was the one.

Elmo has easily found his place in our team and we are so grateful for the coincidence that led us together with Elmo's litter and breeders. Elmo has already started his hunting dog career nicely. Normally Elmo is really goofy and wild, but when he starts to use his nose, he becomes totally different dog. You can really see that he is doing what he loves the most. Beside hunting Elmo has been running in the show rings with success that has totally surprised me. Our highlight was in Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show 2018, where Elmo was not only BOB, but also BIS3-junior and finally BIS4! This will be a day that I'm going to always remember.

Thank you Mirva and Terhi for letting us have this blue diamond!

"Lovely head with narrow skull."

HEJW-16 FIW-16 FIJW-16

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