"This dog has a lot of showmanship."

#2 top winning apricot & red & silver medium size poodle 2013 in Finland
#3 top winning veteran poodle 2013 in Finland
#3 top winning apricot & red & silver medium size poodle 2012 in Finland
#4 top winning veteran poodle 2012 in Finland
#1 top winning apricot & red & silver medium size poodle 2007 in Finland
#3 top winning apricot & silver medium size poodle 2006 in Finland


Champion International de Beauté
Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian & Baltic Champion
Estonian Veteran Champion

" Finik "

apricot medium size poodle male
22.07.2004 - 02.06.2017

breeder: Sanna Koponen
owner: Paula Virta

PRA prcd: Normal
Eyes (11/2013): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (04/2010): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (09/2006): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patellar luxation (11/2013): 0/0
Patellar luxation (09/2006): 0/0
Hips (05/2007): A/A

Other: neutered (9,5 years old, testicular cancer),
chronic kidney failure (11,5 years old)

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"Very beautiful male with excellent proportions and very charming poodle essence."

I got Finik when he was 1,5 years old and since that day he was cheering me up daily, even on the darkest day. When Finik was younger he was the guardian of our family, nothing could have happened without him knowing it. Outside he was taking care of everyone, even though I tried to tell him that it's actually my job to keep our family safe. Eventually time did it's job and Finik became a little soft. Before he was a boy who didn't want any hugs or kisses but at the old age he wanted more and more attention. And food, Finik loved food even more than me :)

Finik was absolutely my best show dog. He loved dog shows and we were always having fun in the show ring. Of course he had a bad day sometimes, but don't we all? Most of the time he was showing himself with such a great attitude and didn't hesitate to wag his tail. Finik was retired from dog shows at the end of year 2013 and he retired with style: Finik was #2 top winning poodle in his breed and #3 top winning veteran poodle (all sizes and colours)!

Finik was always very healthy dog but then something happened and he became old so quickly. During his last few years he got through testicular cancer, teeth started to cause problems and some of them fall off or was removed, he had some bad infection and his liver was struggling, and then he got kidney failure with old age. One day I made a promise to Finik that when it's time to let go, I won't hesitate for a second. It was time to keep my promise at the beginning of June 2017 when Finik was almost 13 years old. Till the very end of his time Finik was still the boss of our dogs and always by my side.

I guess it's not a surprise that Finik was the dog of my life. He was so amazing that I can't really tell it with words. So funny, so kind, so obedient and so humble. He truly had a golden heart.

Finik was simply the best.

"Great freedom on the move. Most collective and showy. Pleasing exhibit, well deserved his title."

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