"In all looks like a champion."

SIC Lure Coursing Champion 2016
Track Racing Champion 2015 of P-H kennel district
Lure Coursing Champion 2015 of P-H kennel district

#3 top winning Track Racing Cirneco dell'Etna 2017 in Finland
#2 top winning Lure Coursing Cirneco dell'Etna 2016 in Finland
#3 top winning Track Racing Cirneco dell'Etna 2015 in Finland


Champion International de Beauté
Champion International d'Exposition
Finnish Racing Champion & Finnish Lure Coursing Champion
Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian & Nordic Champion
Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian & Baltic Champion
Estonian Junior Champion
Tallinn Junior Winner 2015 & Tallinn Winner 2015

" Indy "

red cirneco dell'etna male
b. 15.03.2014

breeder: Bart Scheerens, Belgium
owner: Paula Virta

Eyes (7/2015): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (3/2018): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patellar luxation (7/2015): 0/0
Patellar luxation (3/2018): 0/0
Heart (7/2015): no murmurs
Heart (3/2018): no murmurs
Hips (11/2015): A/A
Elbows (11/2015): 0/0

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"Elegant masculine male with beautiful outlines."

For so many years I have dreamed of a sighthound of my own. Life situations have changed and I have bought some other dogs during these years but still no sighthound. Then one day Sanna sent me a message and asked if I would like to get a cirneco with her. A cirneco. The breed I have dreamed of for like an eternity. Well, almost :) I promised to think about it because you never now how life goes on. After some time the puppies were finally born. And then I did some more serious thinking. I knew this was once in a lifetime thing and I knew I couldn't let it pass by. Most of all, it would be a dream come true for me.

When the puppies were 8 weeks old I flew to Belgium to get Indy. I have to say I was not disappointed with my decision to get a puppy from this litter. Indy was so brave and handsome little puppy and I was excited to see what happens in the future with him. He has already shown what he is made of by getting success from dog shows, lure coursing and track racing. Dog shows aren't Indy's favourite, because he doesn't understand why he has to stand still. Indy loves running more than anything and I'm glad we have running trials in Finland.

Indy is one big Macho Man. He gets along with everyone if he can be the Boss. Well, that doesn't usually happen with other cirneco males, I wonder why ;) Beside his passionate character Indy is a true Italian lover, so gentle and loving. He is well-known from his surprising kisses with his long tongue, you better watch out for them.

Indy is my soulmate, my pride and joy, my everything. Thank you Bart Scheerens for letting us have this once in a lifetime boy!

"Beautiful well built male with correct shaped very good body."

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