"Small, well-constructed dog, shown in excellent condition."


Estonian Champion


red dwarf poodle male
b. 12.05.2008

breeder: Marilyn Maquade, United Kingdom
owner: Paula Virta

PRA prcd: Normal by parents
Eyes (08/2015): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (09/2013): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (10/2011): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (05/2009): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patellar luxation (08/2015): 0/0
Patellar luxation (09/2013): 0/0
Patellar luxation (05/2009): 0/0
Heart (08/2015): no murmurs
Heart (12/2013): no murmurs
Hips (07/2009): A/A
Elbows (12/2013): 0/0

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"Typical movement with good action. Typical temperament."

Before Ringo I had many plans with medium size poodles but somehow they all failed. Then I was blessed with this opportunity to get a red dwarf poodle with amazing pedigree. And so Ringo came into my life all the way from United Kingdom in the year 2008. I fell immediately in love with him because he had the most beautiful dark eyes I have ever seen. Ringo was little bit shy for the first weeks but slowly he got more and more courage. Now he is really kind boy with sparkle in his eyes. Ringo was co-owned with Sanna Koponen for many years but nowadays I have the pleasure to own him completely.

Ringo has only one motto: "Nothing is serious." He has always been full of joy and happiness. Ringo also loves to get some attention and he doesn't hesitate to ask for it. I have always said that he is a true English gentleman. Ringo has some offsprings and every litter's mother he has treated like a gentleman. My little English lad, the one I can always count on.

Ringo's lovely red colour started to fade away when he was a young boy. I showed him every now and then, but then I had to admit to myself that he wouldn't get any success with such a bad colour. So I cut his hair short and decided to give it some time. The waiting paid off and Ringo's colour got better with time so I could show him few times. Ringo finished his Estonian Championship at the age of 7,5 years. It felt so good that I don't have the words to describe it. Luckily Ringo's offsprings have had better colour in their coats and more successful show careers.

Nowadays Ringo isn't fooling around so much anymore. Ringo lets our bigger dogs do that job while he concentrates on getting chest rubs and taking long naps with his son Rommi. But he is still that funny red poodle boy with sparkle in his eyes.

"Very well constructed red male. Harmonious front & rear angulations."

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