"Beautiful proportions and cheery essence."


Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian & Baltic Junior Champion


red dwarf poodle male
b. 20.07.2010

breeder: Sanna Koponen
owner: Paula Virta

PRA prcd: Carrier
Eyes (08/2015): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (09/2012): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Eyes (08/2011): no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patellar luxation (08/2015): 0/0
Patellar luxation (08/2011): 0/0
Heart (08/2015): murmurs, MMVD
Hips (09/2012): A/A
Elbows (09/2012): 0/0

Other: neutered

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"Well expressed. Typical poodle. Very young but elegant in movement."

I was really excited when I heard that Rommi's breeder Sanna was going to make a litter where the father would be our Ringo and the mother would be Nuca, red dwarf poodle with such a great personality and appearance. But because I had just made a decision to get Tintin, I thought that I couldn't get a puppy from this litter, even though I just loved the both parents.

When the puppies were almost 8 weeks old I went to see them before they would leave to their new homes. On my way there I heard that the only boy in this litter was looking for a home of his own. After I saw him, I just couldn't get him out of my mind. I came back home to think and already next day I sent a message to Sanna: "Can I have him?" So few days later I travelled back and this time I didn't come home alone :)

Rommi is a great combination of both of his parents. He is such a sweetheart, mama's little boy, and I am so happy to own him. He is the most cutest little poodle in the world. His body structure is everything else but heavy so sometimes he feels so fragile and pretty like a flower. Rommi didn't gain enough weight when he was younger and somehow he wasn't happy anymore. I decided to get him neutered because it had helped with similar problems with Onni. The change in Rommi was amazing, he got more weight and started to play like a puppy again. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Before neutering him we travelled around Baltic states and Rommi finished all the junior championships there.

Rommi is so small and cute that everyone always wants to cuddle and protect him, and Rommi knows this very well. I know that Rommi can take care of himself but somehow he always wraps people around his paws and then he gives me this look that says "haha, look at me now". So Rommi is a true poodle with manipulation skills :)

When Rommi was five years old I took him to health tests and to my big surprise the vet found a murmur in his heart. I took him to cardiac auscultation and he was diagnosed with myxomatous mitral valve disease. At first I cried my eyes out, but because Rommi didn't have any symptoms I tried to think positively and just enjoy our time together. Rommi still doesn't have any symptoms and he is doing just fine at the moment. So we are enjoying our time together and I hope we still have many years together.

"Excellent type and size, excellent proportions."

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