"Very high quality."


" Sisu "

blue petit bleu de gascogne male
b. 13.05.2019

breeder: Damien Debrosse, France
owner: Paula Virta

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"Beautiful head with correct outlines."

I have been so happy since Elmo moved to us, he has been some kind of therapy dog for me, and I have been dreaming that one day Elmo could have a friend just like him. This breed has really wrapped me around their paws in such a short time; bleus are a great combination of companion and working dogs, and I really want to learn more about this breed. So I was thrilled when Elmo's lovely breeders offered a chance to get a puppy from France, from the same breeder where they have been importing bleus before and from where they were going to import now aswell. But after long and hard thinking I was really feeling that I had my hands full with our current dogs and I said that I would wait for the next opportunity to get another bleu.

Just few days after that our world turned upside down when Chili got diagnosed with bone tumor and I had to let him go. I wasn't the only one who was heartbroken as Elmo got really upset when he lost his best friend. I observed the situation for a while and Elmo wasn't feeling good at all, he even started to lose weight so I had to make another decision. I discreetly asked if it would still be possible to import also one male puppy from France. All the males from the original litter were already sold after my first decision but luckily the breeder had another litter born at the same time and there were still some males available. These puppies were actually Elmo's cousins as their mother is Elmo's aunt.

I was able to choose my puppy and like always you find the one for yourself in the litter. I don't know how it was possible but my favourite puppy was still available even though some of the males were already reserved before my reservation. I couldn't believe this was true, how could I be so lucky? I started to count the days and tried my best to cheer up Elmo while we were waiting for a new friend for him.

So Sisu is a long-awaited addition to our family and he has brought so much joy to our hearts. Sisu is a bit different compared to sensitive Elmo who is always bursting with joy. Sisu is a hard thinker, quite an old soul and he has a lot of willpower. When he came to us he was the easiest puppy ever but now he is one naughty puppy who always comes up with new stuff. I believe he is going to be a great hunting dog one day and perhaps it will also be my new hobby :)

I am truly honoured with this opportunity to get an original Des Gorges De Ciara petit bleu de gascogne, merci beaucoup Damien Debrosse! I am also so grateful to Elmo's breeders for everything - thank you Mirva, Terhi and Teppo, you are something really special!

"Well curled in ears of appropriate length."

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