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30.08.2020 - Show news

Our first dog show of this year was Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show at Pori 1.8.2020. I had entered both bleu boys there and what a day we had!

Our judge was Perttu Ståhlberg and out of four bleus we got:
BOB Cazador Grande Le Petit Espoir
BM2 CAC Paladin Des Gorges De Ciara

Elmo made a hat trick! He has been BOB in our speciality show 2018, 2019 and 2020. What an amazing dog he is and he is so handsome now when he is almost three years old :) This was Sisu's first official show and he won his first CAC, I'm so proud of him too!

Cazador Grande Le Petit Espoir © Mirva Kääriäinen

Today I had entered only Sisu to Riihimäki international show and Sisu was a bit nervous when he didn't have Elmo with him at the show. Our judge Tuula Savolainen noticed this too and said that she can't give Sisu CQ because of that. But Sisu got excellent with really nice critique and much needed experience as there hasn't been any shows this year. We have one more show in September and then we will wait what happens next year.
20.07.2020 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

23.05.2020 - Greetings

We are going to have a quiet summer because of this COVID-19 situation. Dog shows are cancelled, almost all racing competitions are cancelled etc. I'm working from home at the moment and I'm more than happy with it, because I get to spend more time with dogs everyday :) This will surely be a year to remember in the future. In the picture Rommi takes it easy, I hope you all can now relax too - one way or another.

We have also some sad news as Bono (Trucker's Double Trouble) passed away couple weeks ago on Mother's Day. Most likely his heart gave up and it happened so suddenly that there was nothing we could do. Onni (Trucker's Gambler Of Luck) came to our family in 2002 and since that there has always been a dog living with my parents until now. It feels so weird to just think about it.

13.05.2020 - Happy Birthday Sisu!

12.05.2020 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

16.03.2020 - Greetings

What a different start of the year we've had. We have been off the dog shows, just enjoying our daily life. This winter in Finland has been strangly warm and there hasn't been much snow or frost. So it has been dark, rainy and muddy - not good. When Sisu became 9 months old and ready for junior classes, I entered him into some dog shows. Then COVID-19 happened and everything went crazy. At this moment we are closing schools in Finland and people should stay at home if possible. So naturally all the events including dog shows are cancelled. There has never happened anything like this in my lifetime. So take care of yourself and stay safe!

15.03.2020 - Happy Birthday Indy!