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25.12.2006 - Greetings

This year has been really nice. When I started to take Finik to the dog shows I really thought: "well, let's see what the judges say about him.." So I really didn't have any idea what was going to happen. Every show with Finik has been a new experience and he has truly exceeded all my expectations, I'm so happy!

Finik's shows in the year 2006 (only the best results):

2 x Best of Breed
1 x Best Male #2
3 x Best Male #3
3 x CAC from Finland -> FIN CH-title
2 x res-CAC

So this year is now over and next year is still a big mystery to all of us. All I know is that Finik is going to some shows in the beginning of the year, but I haven't planned it so much yet. We'll see what happens!

Have a successful year 2007!
24.12.2006 - Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas!
09.12.2006 - Helsinki international show, Winner 2006

Trucker's Quil Pri Que EXC/4 in champion class in the annual Finnish Winner-dog show - so proud of him!
24.09.2006 - Eckerö international show

Second time in champion class and Finik was EXC/2 and Best Male #3 with excellent comment from the judge :) I couldn't be happier!
26.08.2006 - Hämeenlinna international show

First time in the champion class and we did quite nice - Finik was EXC/4 :) My friend's apricot toypoodle female, Linda Trucker's Blond Angelique), was Best Bitch #4 and BOB-veteran! Congratulations, Elisa!
13.08.2006 - Raisio national show

Finik's 10th dog show in Finland and the day was full of success!
Gorgeous black standard poodle female Armi (Andante) was BOS, congratulations Kaarina :)

In apricot & silver dwarfs we got also nice results:
Trucker's Orgasmo Totale BOB, CAC
Trucker's Al Coponen Best Male #2, BOB-veteran

Finik really tried his best and it was worth it.
Trucker's Quil Pri Que BOB, CAC -> FIN CH
Finik is the first Finnish Champion miniature poodle under prefix Trucker's ;)

07.08.2006 - Sawo Show 2006

What a weekend in Kuopio! Three shows in three days! Our trip started on Friday and ended on Sunday - just like the dog show ;) In our team there were six persons and five dogs (+ one Russian Hound I had to handle in show ring) and we got quite good results, here they are;

Trucker's Quil Pri Que - Very Good 1
Trucker's Quel PetiFilou "Papu" - BOB, CAC -> FIN & EST CH
Trucker's Orgasmo Total "Olga" - Best Bitch #2, res-CAC
Andante "Armi" - Best Bitch #3, res-CAC
kennel Trucker's - BOB-breeder

my friend's smooth-haired dachshund:
Paolina Di Villahermosa "Paolina" - Best Bitch #4
russian hound female:
Itärajan Veera "Veera" - Best Bitch #2, CAC

Finik - Best Male #3, CAC
Papu - Best Male #2, res-CACIB
Olga - Very Good 1
Armi - Best Bitch #2, CACIB, CAC
kennel Trucker's - BOB-breeder

Paolina - Best Bitch #4
Veera - Best Bitch #2, CAC

Finik - Very Good 1
Papu - Very Good 3
Olga - Very Good 3
Armi - Best Bitch #2, CACIB, CAC -> FIN CH
kennel Trucker's - BOB-breeder

Paolina - Very Good 1
Veera - Best Bitch #2, CAC

The whole weekend was really amazing as you can see :) Congratulations to everybody once again!


22.07.2006 - Happy Birthday!

In the photo: Trucker's Quickstepp "Stella" and Trucker's Quil Pri Que "Finik"
14.07.2006 - Meeting with sister

Today we met Finik's sister Stella (Trucker's Quickstepp) for the very first time. Brother and his sister had so many things in common, for examble the barking sound ;) So loud and so high.. It was nice to meet Stella and his family, would be nice to see you again sometime!
17.06.2006 - Forssa national show

Hot summer day in Forssa! Elisa and Brynja (Trucker's Moonspell) were with us, thanks Elisa for the grooming! Elisa's Brynja got unfortunately only 'good' from our judge, Tino Pehar. Finik did nice job in the ring, even though it was so hot. Finik was Best Male #3 and got res-CAC, I'm proud of him :)

In apricot & silver dwar poodles Onni's sister Hannele (Trucker's Got What U Need) was Best Of Breed, congratulations Johanna! In black & brown & white miniature poodles gorgeous Dana (Soltar's Playmate) was BOB with CAC, congratulations family Hiekkamies!

11.06.2006 - Match Show

Nice time with Finik in Match Show :) My boy showed himself so amazingly, gorgeous movements and excellent concentration. We got red ribbon without any placement in the "red ring".
10.06.2006 - Finnish Poodle Specialty

Finik's first Poodle Specialty in Finland and I was so excited! My boy got excellent and was third in his class with nice critique from the judge. So it was quite nice day for us :) BOB-vet in apricot & silver miniatures was Renny (Backseat Driver's Rin-Tin-Tin), he was later also BIS3-veteran.

© Pentti Lensu

In apricot & silver dwarfs BOB-puppy was Emma (Primapore Koh-I-Noor), BOB-vet Rosso (Trucker's Al Coponen) and BOS-vet Vicky (Backseat Driver's Vicky Lee). Rosso was later also BIS4-veteran. Onni's sister Hannele (Trucker's Got What U Need) was awarded with "Kultamalja" - the best Finnish bred Apricot of all sizes! Huge congratulations to Sanna, Johanna and Anne!

Black standard poodle male Roope (Canmoy's Uncle Scrooge) was BOS, gongratulations Outi! And the BIS-puppy was little Tino (Froggies All About Gromit), hugs and kisses to Anu and Tino :)

04.06.2006 - Mänttä national show

Amazing day, I can't say anything else.

Trucker's Quil Pri Que BOB, CAC

Thank you Elisa for the grooming!

26.05.2006 - Happy Birthday!

25.05.2006 - Jämsänkoski group show

Trucker's Quil Pri Que Very Good #2
Judge: Marie Thorpe, Ireland
20.05.2006 - Rauma national show

Interesting day..

Trucker's Quil Pri Que Good
Judge: Annaliisa Heikkinen, Finland

13.05.2006 - Ruovesi group show

Finally! Finik's very first show in Finland and he had sooo much energy! Nice results with nice critique from the judge:

Trucker's Quil Pri Que Best Male #2, res-CAC
Judge: Juha Putkonen, Finland

01.05.2006 - Match Show

Finik's 2nd Match Show and he showed himself nicely. Once again red ribbon and no placement in the ”red ring”, but I'm really happy :)
09.04.2006 - Kankaanpää group show

Finik and I travelled with Elisa to Kankaanpää. Elisa was taking her little Brynja (Trucker's Moonspell) to the ring and Finik was supposed to be groomed by Sanna-breeder. Brynja got very good, but Eki (Egoist iz Volzhskoy Serenady) was BOB, got CAC and became Finnish, Estonian and Lithuanian Champion! Congratulations Sanna and Merja!
18.03.2006 - Tampere international show

Our "home show", so many memories.. Onni was going to junior handling-competition with Salla Kivekäs and Finik came to say hi to his breeder Sanna. I didn't see when Salla and Onni were in the ring, but I heard that they did nice work together :)

In apricot & silver dwarfs BOB and BOS went to the same address: BOB was Weaver (Spribeau Dream Weaver) and BOS was Hannele (Trucker's Got What U Need, Onni's sister). Rosso (Trucker's Al Coponen) was Best Male #2 and BOB-vet. Finik's brother Papu (Trucker's Quel PetitFilou) was Best Male #3 with res-CAC and res-CACIB. Best Bitch #3 with CAC was little princess Olga (Trucker's Orgasmo Total) and kennel Trucker's was BOB-breeder. Congratulations to Johanna and Sanna, great day!

On the right Finik's brother NORDJW-05 Trucker's Quel PetitFilou >>

05.03.2006 - Match Show

Finik's first Match Show and I'm so proud of him! My little boy was so happy in the ring and showed himself so nicely. We got red ribbon without any placement in the ”red ring”.
21.01.2006 - Turku international show

Onni and I travelled to Turku with my friend Ida, who was taking her bearded collie puppy to the ring. Toby (Busy-Buddy's Captain Chaos) was third with HP in puppy class, congratulations Ida!
Onni was in junior handling-competition with my friend Janette Jalkanen. They had little troubles at first but after rough start they did nice work together in the ring. Unfortunately they didn't get any placement today, but I hope that Janette enjoyed her visit in the ring with Onni :)
I was really tired when I came back home but when I heard some news I really cheered up! Onni's sister Ada (Trucker's Get Ya Freak On) got four beautiful puppies today. They all are females and they're going to be registered under prefix Voyeror's - www.voyerorspoodles.com
19.01.2006 - News from Russia

Finik is now proud father of one more litter :) Black female Zabava iz Volzhskoy Serenady got two puppies in the end of December. More information can be found from iz Volzhskoy Serenady-kennel's homepage - http://geocities.com/vserenadapoodles/
01.01.2006 - Happy New Year!

  Hello everyone! It's 2006 and we have many plans for this year. So many has said that this year is going to be really great, much better than last year. We'll see..

Anyway, happy new year to everybody! Remember to enjoy this January! :)