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18.12.2007 - Christmas greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008!
18.12.2007 - Stockholm international show

International dog show, Nordic Winner 2007, in Sweden and our last show in year 2007. Judge was Hans Lehtinen and he gave res-CACIB to our little boy. After our ring I heard that the CACIB-winner is already an internatioal champion, so Finik's res-CACIB will change into CACIB! Unbelievable! I'm so happy!

This year has been so great, so much more than I expected. Finik's best results in year 2007:
- 7 x BOB
- 1 x BOS (Finnish Poodle Specialty)
- 3 x CACIB (all from Finland)
- 2 x res-CACIB that will change into CACIB (1 from Finland, 1 from Sweden)
- 2 x res-CACIB (1 from Finland, 1 from Estonia)
- 2 x Certificate of Quality (1 from Latvia, 1 from Sweden)
- 4 x Best Male #2, 1 x Best Male #3

Modest Finik with his prizes
17.11.2007 - Jyväskylä international show

Hello to everyone! We have spent nice autumn and now it's time to get ready for the winter season. We have had such a long break from dog shows and Finik's coat looks exactly like that (where are all the long hair from neck and hocks? :D), but now we are back in business. Some shows in winter, maybe some other things too. We'll see :)

We went to the Jyväskylä's international show and saw some friends after such a long break. Unfortunately Finik didn't want to move like he usually moves (just like in Pärnu earlier this year..), so we lost some points because of that. But our judge Mikael Nilsson from Norway liked our boy anyway: Best Male #2 with res-CACIB was our final result. So not bad with those moves, I think :) Finik's brother Papu was also in Jyväskylä and his result was "best male #5", so not the best day for him.

Thank you Sanna for everything once again!

25.08.2007 - Tervakoski international show

Nice day in Tervakoski: Finik was Best Male #2 and got res-CACIB, that will change into CACIB! So this was Finik's 4th CACIB in this year - not bad, I think :)
05.08.2007 - Turku national show

We spent hot summer day in Turku national show and results were so great once again! Finik was BOB under judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki from Finland. Finik's brother Papu (Trucker's Quel PetitFilou) was Best Male #2 - so close, so close.. Our dear friend, little toypoodle Linda (Trucker's Blond Angelique) was Best Bitch #3 and BOB-veteran, congratulations Elisa and Linda! :)

BOS Sinisimpukan Kultakutri & BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que
28.07.2007 - Pori international show

Finik did it again: he was BOB and got his third CACIB! My little boy moved with excellent drive straight to the first place and I can't believe it! Judge June Wall from Ireland really liked Finik and said nice things about him, you can read the critique from Finik's Show results-page.

BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que & BOS Mary Saloon Madelaine

Finik's brother Papu (Trucker's Quel PetitFilou) was BOB with CACIB in dwarfs! So we went to the group finals with brothers, but we didn't get any placements. BOB-puppy in dwarfs was vivid little girl Tyyne (Trucker's Xtra Dynamite) and BOB-veteran in toys was Linda (Trucker's Blond Angelique). Kennel Trucker's was also BOB-breeder in dwarfs, so we had really great day! Congratulations to everyone! :)

22.07.2007 - Happy Birthday!

15.07.2007 - Orivesi national show

Finik BOB under judge Michael Clancy from Ireland :) Our little friend Tyyne (dwarf poodle Trucker's Xtra Dynamite) was BOB-puppy, the judge just loved her personality! Congratulations Johanna and Tyyne!

BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que & BOS Yellowmellow Ragtime Blues

After this Finik went to junior handling-competition with Tytti. Once again they did nice work together and their placement was 3rd! Nice handling, Tytti ;)

05.07.2007 - Match Show

Finik was in an unofficial junior handling-competition with our friend Tytti Oksanen. They made nice work together and their placement was 4th (there were about 15 handlers). Congratulations, Tytti! :)
02.07.2007 - Pärnu INT & Ogre NAT

We travelled to Estonia and Latvia for two shows - Pärnu international show and Ogre national show. Finik didn't move so well on Saturday and judge placed him Best Male #2 with res-CACIB. On Sunday Finik moved so much better than on Saturday, but unfortunately Finik was again Best Male #2. Finik got also CQ (Certificate of Quality) and nice critique from the judge.
17.06.2007 - Hämeenlinna national show

Once again nice day in a show with Elisa and toypoodle Linda (kennel LB Jolie), this time in national show in Hämeenlinna. Finik was BOB and Linda Best Bitch #4, BOB-vet! Thank you Elisa for grooming my little boy :)

04.06.2007 - 2 shows in Estonia

Finik was shown in two shows in Tallinn, Estonia. On Saturday 2.6. Finik was in Estonian Poodle Specialty under judge Tamas Jakkel from Hungary. Finik got Excellent and was Best Male #3. Thank you Nea for handling him!
On Sunday 3.6. Finik was in international show - Estonian Winner 2007. Finik got only Very Good from Agnes Ganami Kertes because of missing premolars.
26.05.2007 - Onni 5 years old!

16.05.2007 - Greetings

More good news, this time from Finnish Kennel Club: Finik's hips are A/A! :)
03.05.2007 - Greetings

Great news!! Finik's PRA prcd-test's results are here and the result is Normal/Clear! We are so so happy now :))
23.04.2007 - Greetings

Today Finik's hips were x-rayed and vet's opinion was that they are A/A! But now we'll have to wait the final result from the Finnish Kennel Club.
22.04.2007 - Kankaanpää group show

Nice day in a group show! Judge was Pirjo Aaltonen from Finland and we got some nice results to our "truckers" :)

Miniature poodles:
BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que
Only Finik was awarded with "excellent" in apricot and silver miniatures!

Toy poodles:
BB-3, BOB-vet Trucker's Blond Angelique
owner Elisa Ahokas (kennel LB Jolie)

Congratulations Elisa and thanks for everything! :)

14.04.2007 - Vaasa international show

Great news from Vaasa's international dog show! My Finik was first in the ring and he was BOB! Finik got also his second CACIB.

© Elisa Ahokas

In Dwarf poodles I handled Finik's brother Papu (Trucker's Quel PetitFilou) in Best Male-ring but unfotunately Papu didn't get any placement. But we weren't sad because we got so great results from Dwarf poodles:
BOB, CACIB, CAC -> FIN CH Trucker's Kicking Up Fuss
BOS, CACIB, CAC Trucker's Orgasmo Totale
Kennel Trucker's breeder class (T. Orgasmo Totale, Wicked Bitch, Kicking Up Fuss, Quel PetitFilou) didn't unfortunately get HP.
10.04.2007 - Greetings

Today our vet took a blood sample from Finik for the Optigen PRA prcd-test. Now we'll have to just wait the result :)
07.04.2007 - Stockholm international show, Lilla Stockholm

We travelled to Sweden to the Lilla Stockholm -dog show. Unfortunately the judge didn't place any apricot poodles so we didn't get any success. The comment from the judge was really nice though, you can read it from Finik's show result page.
24.-25.03.2007 - Tampere international show

Amazing weekend in our "home show"! We took both boys with us on Saturday, because Onni was going to junior handler-competition with Nea Kivekäs. Unfortunately they didn't get any placement.
Finik did such nice job in his ring although he was a little bit tired after all that waiting. Well, my little boy was BOB and got his first CACIB! I'm so proud of him!

BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que BOS Miranja's Jolie Jasmine

On Sunday Finik went to the junior handling-competition with Tytti Oksanen. In Sunday's competition junior handlers also competed from qualification for Finnish Championship Final. Tytti and Finik did great job and they were among 7 best handlers (overall there were about 70 handlers)! So congratulations Tytti!

25.02.2007 - Finnish Poodle Specialty

What a wonderful day! Today was the annual Finnish Poodle Specialty and Finik was there too. My little boy surprised us all and was BOS!
Finik was also rewarded as #3 Top winning apricot & silver miniature 2006 in Finland. So I really couldn't be more proud of him!

In apricot and silver dwarfs, kennel Trucker's was BOB-breeder and later also BIS-breeder! Congratulations to Sanna and thank you for everything!

BOS Trucker's Quil Pri Que BOB Goldfire's Silk Gold
29.01.2007 - Turku international show

We spent nice weekend in Turku: on Saturday we groomed dogs and on Sunday we were in an international dog show. I handled of course Finik but also an apricot Dwarf male "Dani" (Trucker's Jolly Jumper). Dani got Very Good and was 3rd in open class. "Purri" (Trucker's Orgasmo Totale) won the open class with Excellent and was 4th Best Male with res-CAC. Purri's sister Olga (Trucker's Orgasmo Total) was 3rd Best Bitch, got CAC and became FIN CH! Congratulations to Sanna, Kristiina and Jyrki! Kennel Trucker's was also BOB-breeder :)
Finik did great job in his ring and got Very Good. Finik was 3rd in champion class with so great comment from the judge. Fantastic weekend, thanks to everybody once again!

Trucker's Orgasmo Total, Orgasmo Totale, Kicking Up Fuss, Jolly Jumper
06.01.2007 - Greetings

New year, new plans and so on :) Our New Year's Eve was fine, though Finik didn't like the fireworks so much.. But we made it!
Finik is now entered to three dog shows: two international shows and Finnish Poodle Specialty.

Today was Finik's grooming day and what a wonderful boy he is now! The picture beside was taken after Finik's grooming.

Earlier this day we heard great news from Kajaani international show. Our friend, apricot dwarf poodle male "Wallu" (Trucker's Warrior) was BOB-puppy! And this was his first show! Great start, isn't it? Congratulations to Satu and Wallu!