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31.12.2008 - Greetings

Ringo is now registered to Finnish Kennel Club! Nice ending to this year :) You can now find him from our Kennel Club's breeding database: click here!

Happy new year to everybody!
16.12.2008 - Christmas Greetings

16.12.2008 - Greetings

This year is almost over and once again it's time to look back and see what we have achieved. Finik was in 17 shows this year. In the year 2007 Finik had several Best of Breed –winnings and 5 CACIB's, but this year has been a little bit more special and remarkable for us. So here are..

..Finik's best results in the year 2008:
- 4 x BOB
- 1 x BOS
- 3 x CACIB (1 from Finland, 1 from Estonia and 1 from Latvia)
- 5 x res-CACIB (4 from Finland, 1 from Estonia)
- several placements in the Best Male-competition
and three new titles:
- Estonian Champion
- Latvian Champion
- International Champion (needs confirmation)

I want to thank all of our friends and everyone who has helped us in any possible way. I don't want to name anyone because I know I'll forget someone's name ;)
13.12.2008 - Helsinki international show, Finnish Winner 2008

The last show of the year, the big Finnish Winner 2008 -show in Helsinki. Finik was quite tired in the ring so I had to cheer him up a lot and Finik tried his best. Finik was Best Male #4 from 13 males. After our visit in the ring Finik got new hair style, he looks sooo good now! Take a look at the photo below ;)

You can see Finik in some shows next year and then he will leave the stage for our younger kids.
22.11.2008 - Jyväskylä international show

Today we were in Jyväskylä's international dog show and once again Finik got res-CACIB, just like every other time when we have been in Jyväskylä's international show :) Finik was also Best Male #3 and got really nice critique from the judge Anthony Moran from Ireland.

I also handled Erkki (Egoist iz Volzhskoy Serenady), who has lived with us since we came home from Latvia, but today Erkki went back to his own home, miss him so much. In the show Erkki was Best Male #3 and with him there was only two junior males and one veteran male in the best male-competition. So Erkki would have finally got his last CACIB, but unfortunately the judge didn't want to give it to him. Judge was Amelia Murante from Italy. Hugs and kisses to little Erkki, you're the best!

16.11.2008 - Riga international show

We have great news - Finik is now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

We started our trip on Friday and when we finally came home on Sunday, we had driven over 1200km, but it was really worth it. First in the ring was dwarf poodle Erkki (Egoist iz Volzhskoy Serenady) and he was Best Male 2 with res-CACIB and CAC, so Erkki got two new titles: Latvian & Baltic Champion. Congratulations Sanna & Merja!
Finik showed his best in the ring and in the end he was BOB with CACIB and CAC. So beside finishing his International Championship he also became Latvian Champion! Huge thanks to everyone who helped us make this long waited dream come true, all your help has been invaluable.

BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que & BOS Donatella El'Monte
01.11.2008 - New member in our family & greetings

  Yesterday we got a new member to our family, when little apricot dwarf poodle Bono moved to us. Bono's official name is Trucker's Double Trouble and he is co-owned with his breeder, my father and me. Bono will have his own page as soon as possible :) Thank you Sanna for this adorable boy!

Yesterday we also measured Ringo and he is already 28,5cm high. So Ringo is definitely going to be a dwarf poodle just like we hoped. Onni and Finik are also doing great. Finik loves to play with the puppies and Onni is just watching everyone from the sofa.

On the left is little Bono :) He is already 4 months old.
26.10.2008 - Seinäjoki international show

Long and rainy trip to Seinäjoki. Finik had lots of energy and he was quite difficult in the ring. In the end Finik was Best Male #2 with res-CACIB, so close once again..
28.09.2008 - Eckerö international show

First of all, little Ringo is growing well. He is really lively puppy and is now Finik's best friend.

This weekend we spent in Åland, there was an international show in Eckerö. Finik didn't get any success, only Very Good (because of lacking premolars) and he also won the champion class. Judge was Branislav Rajic from Slovenia and he gave us really nice critique:

4 years old dog. Excellent size. Brilliant coat & colour. Excellent head, eyes & ears. Excellent front. Good bones. Excellent ribcage, topline, tail & angulation. 5 premolars missing. Very sound movement. Excellent temperament. Very elastic, typical coat.

I also handled dwarf poodle Erkki (Egoist iz Volzhskoy Serenady) and he was (once again..) Best Male #3 with res-CACIB. Maybe next time we'll have better luck in the ring.

Thanks to team Trucker's for everything!

29.08.2008 - Welcome to Finland little lad!

Yesterday arrived red toypoodle male from United Kingdom. This young boy is co-owned with Sanna Koponen, kennel Trucker's. We want to thank Marilyn Maquade (Miralyn poodles) for this great opportunity to have this little boy!

Puppy will have his own page soon, but you can already see some photos in the Gallery.

Miralyn English Lad
04.08.2008 - Sawo Show 2008
We spent four days in Kuopio in three international shows and the weather was quite cloudy. On Friday Finik was 4th in champion class with excellent, judge was Annukka Paloheimo from Finland. On Saturday judge was Inga Siil (Cen Clarence poodles) from Estonia and Finik was Best Male #2 with res-CACIB, so close.. And on Sunday Finik was Best Male #3 under judge Tiina Taulos (Canmoy's poodles) from Finland. So we didn't get any remarkable success, maybe next time.

I also handled apricot dwarf poodle male Egoist iz Volzhskoy Serenady and his result was same every day: Best Male #3 with res-CACIB. Thank you Sanna for letting me have these special moments with Erkki in the ring. Also huge thanks to everyone who travelled with us, this trip was memorable!
22.07.2008 - Trucker's Q-litter 4 years old!

06.07.2008 - World Winner 2008

International show, "World Winner 2008" in Sweden and we were there. Finik competed in open class, got excellent from Peter Young (UK) and placed 4th, not bad I think. There were 10 dogs in open class.
Our trip was overall very nice, thanks to everyone who travelled with us!

02.06.2008 - Another weekend - two shows in Tallinn

Saturday 31.05.2008, Estonian Poodle Specialty - judge: Javier Sanchez, Spain
Trucker's Quil Pri Que Best Of Breed

BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que & BOS Lennira Beatriche Valensia

Sunday 01.06.2008, Estonian Winner 2008 - judge: Svein Helgesen, Norway
Trucker's Quil Pri Que Best Male #2, res-CACIB

It was really hot weekend, but Finik did his best. On both days my little boy moved really nicely and was gorgeous in the ring. On Sunday Finik got 2nd place because of his colour, which didn't look the best in the bright sunshine. Overall this trip was really interesting, thanks to everyone once again!

26.05.2008 - Trucker's G-litter 6 years old!

25.05.2008 - One weekend - two shows in Helsinki

On Saturday in Finnish Poodle Specialty Finik got only very good, judge was Andrea Ernst from Germany. Kennel Trucker's breeder group (apricot & red dwarf poodles) was BIS4-breeder at the end of the day and Onni's sister Hannele (Trucker's Got What U Need) was awarded with "Kulta-Malja" -> the best Finnish bred Apricot of all sizes! Congratulations to Sanna and Johanna!

On Sunday in international show Finik was Best Male #4 with such a lovely critique, judge was Sari Brewster Tietjen from USA. Little black toypoodle Boni (Inkognito iz Volzhskoy Serenady) was the hero of the day: BonBon was BOS, got CACIB and CAC and became Finnish & Swedish Champion, huge congratulations to Katariina & Sanna!

20.04.2008 - Jyväskylä international show

Today in Jyväskylä's international dog show judge was William Cunningham from USA and Finik sure did his best in the ring. End of the day Finik was Best Male #2 and got res-CACIB, nice result with nice critique - just like last year :)

Grooming Finik - thank you Elisa once again!
13.04.2008 - Kankaanpää group show

Only two apricot miniatures got excellent from Leif-Herman Wilberg and Finik went BOB - just like last year in Kankaanpää group show. Maybe next year we'll try to do the "hat-trick"? ;)

Thank you Elisa (kennel LB Jolie) for everything and congratulations from Orlando's BOS & CAC (little boy's first show!) and Linda's BOB-veteran!

07.04.2008 - DNA profiling

Kennel counsellor Sanna Koponen took DNA sample for DNA profiling from Finik at 15th March, after international dog show of Tampere. Today came the statement of the test and Finik's DNA identification number. So Finik is now also DNA tested at Finnzymes Diagnostics, you can read more from their website.

Finik's DNA identification number is DNA-T20317.

01.04.2008 - Top winning poodles of Finland

The results are finally published to everyone in the brand new magazine of Finnish Poodle Club. I'm so glad that I can finally tell you that..

!! Finik is the #1 top winning apricot miniature 2007 in Finland !!

The bronze has became gold, we are so proud of our little Finik. Dreams have come true.. I want to thank all of you who made this possible, thank you so much!

27.03.2008 - Top winning poodles of the Tampere region

Today was the annual meeting of the Finnish Poodle Club's Tampere local club and Finik was rewarded there as a #1 top winning apricot & silver & red miniature poodle of the Tampere region.

Finik also got more points than any other poodle so he is unofficially also the #1 top winning poodle of the Tampere region. Hopefully this year will be also full of success :) Beside is the photo of very modest Finik with his trophy.

In January I hoped more snow and frost.. Well, here they are now! A little bit late though, but dogs are really enjoying, they just love to run in the snow :)

16.03.2008 - Tampere international show

We had a really nice weekend in our "home show" once again. On Saturday Finik was in the ring and judge was Lee Cox (kennel Vanitonia) from United Kingdom. Finik was BOS with CACIB losing to a gorgeous female from junior class. Congratulations to Viivi's owner and breeders!

On Sunday Finik was in the junior handling-competition with Riikka Halinen. They did nice work together, but unfortunately Finik missed his "mom" so much and didn't concentrate well, so they didn't get any placement this time. But congratulations to Tytti for the 4th place in the districk championship-competition! :)

BOB Celesterling Dancing Delight & BOS Trucker's Quil Pri Que
17.02.2008 - paulavirta.com finally open!

Welcome to our new homepages! Please, remember to update our new address to your links :) Thank you Elina for this beautiful layout!
10.02.2008 - Tallinn International Show

We have great news! :)

We started our trip to Estonia on Friday and we were in the ring on Saturday. With us there were also black toypoodle male Boni (Inkognito iz Volzhskoy Serenady) and apricot dwarfpoodle male Erkki (Egoist iz Volzhskoy Serenady). Boni was Best Male #3 with res-CACIB and Erkki was also Best Male #3.

Finik had so much energy in the ring and I had little troubles with him, but I didn't care - at least we had fun :) Finik was BOB, got CACIB and CAC - so we have a new Estonian Champion, that's my boy!

Thanks to Team Trucker's once again!

01.01.2008 - Greetings

We just wanted to say that we are going to relax the whole January, just like Onni does in the picture below ;) We also hope for more frost and snow than we had in December (*sigh*)...