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20.12.2009 - Christmas Greetings

20.12.2009 - Greetings

This year has been pretty quiet for us, only 10 shows with average results. The most outstanding result was Ringo's Best of Breed and first CAC in Äetsä group show. Of course Ringo's BOB- & BOS-puppy winnings from puppy class are also remarkable because at that time Ringo was already too big to be a toypoodle but he still manage to get those winnings when competing as a toypoodle :) Truly our own little Ringo Starr.

Little boys Ringo and Bono had finally enough age to get health examinations and those results were also good. Both have healthy eyes, knees and hips. Onni's eyes were also checked because he is now 7 years old. Onni got also perfect diagnose from the examination.

But not all is sunshine and roses.. I've been always wondering why Bono moves little bit funny, like he had been built from two different parts. When he moves his back is coming in little bit different angle than the front is going. When Bono's hips were x-rayed the doctor found out that Bono has been born with abnormal loin and that's why he is moving little bit funny. Also in the end of 2008 and in the beginning of 2009 Bono
gave us some worries with weird seizures. In 4 months he got 3 seizures and symptons were mostly trembling and the weakening of coordination during the trembling. It almost looked like he was suffering but no-one knew if he felt pain or not. Bono were always conscious and he were always wondering what is happening to him, he just couldn't control himself enough. The seizures stopped in early Spring around month before we took him to magnetic resonance imaging. In MRI he was diagnosed with mild chiari malformation and mild syringomyelia, but they didn't give the answer to Bono's seizures because the findings were so small. Right now Bono is living happily and he hasn't had any seizures anymore.

So that was our year in a nutshell. We want to wish successful year 2010 to everyone! :)
14.12.2009 - Finnish Winner & Nordic Winner 2009

We have had two quite silent months, no shows and just enjoying our life. Right now we finally have lovely winter here and dogs really like the snow.

Last weekend I travelled to Helsinki with Ringo where we were attending to two big shows: Finnish Winner 2009 and Nordic Winner 2009. On Saturday our judge was Rita Reyniers from Belgium and on Sunday Zafra Sirik from Israel. On Saturday Ringo got excellent and placed 2nd in the intermediate class. On Sunday he got very good and was again 2nd in his class. On both days Ringo moved so well and he was having so much fun. It is so nice to be in the ring with him because he has so lovely attitude.

I also handled Bono's half-brother Pedro (Trucker's Backstreet Boy) on both days. On Saturday he was Best Male #2 with res-CACIB and on Sunday he got just excellent. I also helped to handle beautiful red dwarf female Nuca (Trucker's Catch The Wind) in the Best Female-competition, on Saturday she was Best Female #3 with res-CAC and on Sunday we didn't get placement in that competition.

Overall this weekend was really great, even though I was quite tired when I got home on Sunday evening :)
26.09.2009 - Eckerö, Åland Islands international show

Our trip to Åland Islands didn't give us any success but we got lots of new memories ;) Judge Inga Siil from Estonia didn't like our small boys giving only good to Bono and very good to Ringo. Our day continued with Finik in the ring of Swedish judge Åke Cronander, who also didn't like my Finik and gave him only very good.
20.09.2009 - Tampere group show

Up and down.. Today Ringo got only very good from our judge Rodney McDowell because of wide front movement. Ringo needs time, little bit more time :)

I had also Finik with me there and he was full of energy, I guess he was happy when he finally had a chance to come with us to the show instead of staying home :) Anyway, Finik got excellent and was 2nd in the champion class. Not great success but his work with me in the ring sure did bring smile to my face, mommy's little boy :) 
13.09.2009 - Äetsä group show

Miralyn English Lad Best of Breed with CAC!

As you can read from his critique ("moves with short steps"), Ringo didn't want to first move nicely at all but in the best of breed-ring he again found his lovely movements :)

BOB Miralyn English Lad & BOS Flash Dancer's Athene
08.09.2009 - Health results

Trucker's Double Trouble - hips A/A

Just great! Again health results that were really worth waiting for :)
29.08.2009 - Tervakoski international show

After almost 5 months break from dog shows we went to international show of Tervakoski with Ringo. Our little boy was having so much fun again and he was really enjoying his visit in the ring. The judge Terry Nethercott gave excellent to Ringo and placed him 2nd in the intermediate class, but we didn't get any placement in the Best Male-competition.

Ringo had fun in the show
07.08.2009 - Health results

Trucker's Double Trouble - eyes OK, knees 0/1

Bono's hips were also x-rayed and now we are waiting for official results from Finnish Kennel Club.
22.07.2009 - Happy Birthday Finik!

21.07.2009 - Health results

Finnish Kennel Club finally sent official results from Ringo's hip examination and we couldn't be happier: Ringo's hips are A/A! :) So the results were really worth waiting for.

You can now also find some health information about Bono from kennel Trucker's website.
29.06.2009 - Greetings

We are also waiting for Ringo's official results from hips that were x-rayed last week. X-ray photos looked really good so we are expecting the best ;)

26.05.2009 - Happy Birthday Onni!

17.05.2009 - Health results

The local club of Finnish Poodle Club had today a health examination day for a group of poodles and I had Onni and Ringo there with me. We got perfect diagnosis:

Miralyn English Lad - eyes OK and knees 0/0
Trucker's Gambler Of Luck (almost 7 years old) - eyes OK

12.05.2009 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

Thank you Marilyn for this lovely poodle! :)

15.04.2009 - Greetings

Today I received a letter from FCI: Finik's title of International Beauty Champion has been confirmed!

If someone would have asked me few years ago that could this dream ever come true, I would probably have said "I don't think so". But here we are, just waiting for the diploma anymore :) Once again, huge thanks to everyone who have helped us make this dream come true.
21.03.2009 - Farewell dear friend..

When you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you..

We received a sorrowful message from my aunt's family, their beloved apricot miniature poodle Diared's Rainbow Warrior "Viki" has past away. Viki was my very first touch to the world of poodles and I will always remember the day I met him.

Thanks for all you've done
I've missed you for so long
I can't believe you're gone
You still live in me
I feel you in the wind
You guide me constantly

I carry the things that remind me of you
In loving memory of
The one that was so true
You were as kind as you could be
And even though you're gone
You still mean the world to me

- Alter Bridge -

14.03.2009 - Tampere international show

Miralyn English Lad 2nd in junior class with excellent.

So finally Ringo is a dwarf poodle, just great! And he does look like a young dwarf, doesn't he ;) See the photo below!
photo: Ida Nieminen
24.02.2009 - DNA profiling

Now Ringo (Miralyn English Lad) has also the DNA identification number! His co-owner and kennel counsellor Sanna Koponen took DNA sample for DNA profiling from Ringo in the Finnish Poodle Specialty at 7th February. Today I got the statement of the test and Ringo's identification number is DNA-T23369. More information you can found from the website of Finnzymes Diagnostics.
08.02.2009 - Helsinki, Finnish Poodle Specialty
Yesterday we had looong day in the annual Finnish Poodle Specialty Show in Helsinki. At the same time there were also an all breed puppy show so Ringo and Bono had a chance to go to two different shows at the same day.

Finik was gorgeous in the ring, he had really good day and he really showed it. All these great visits in the ring really beats all the bad days, only the good days are memorable :) Finik really is a "nice apricot lad" like the judge Marlene Carter from United Kingdom said in the Poodle Specialty. In the show Finik got excellent and was 3rd in the champion class, but didn't get any placement in the best male-ring.

Our little english lad Ringo was still competing as a toypoodle and his judge was Lene Kildeborg Jakobsen from Denmark. Ringo was my star of the day, he really had fun and he looked so good. With bright eyes and lovely movements he became second in his class (4 puppies) but unfortunately he didn't get the honour prize, perhaps because of his size.

In the puppy show Ringo was still shining like a star and the judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki from Finland saw it too. Even though the judge said that Ringo is far too big to be a toypoodle he still awarded Ringo with honour prize and after all Ringo was also BOS-puppy! Well done, little reddie :) This was Ringo's last competition in the toypoodles, so no more comments about too big size ;)

  And last but not least: little Bono. This little fellow decided that he doesn't want to move nicely at all. Bono's breeder Sanna took him in the ring first, it was the Specialty Show and judge was Jean-François Vanaken from Belgium. It wasn't a surprise that Bono was the last one (4th) in his class..
I took Bono myself to the puppy show to the same judge that Ringo had, Mr. Kumpumäki. And still Bono didn't want to move well, he is quite stubborn poodle baby. Also the judge saw it and wrote that Bono has a good topline when he wants to have it ;) However, Bono was first in his class and got the honour prize in the puppy show. Well, we just need to practise, practise and practise :)

I also handled Bono's half brother Pedro (Trucker's Backstreet Boy) in the best male-ring in dwarf poodles, but unfortunately he didn't get any placement there. I also took Pedro to the kennel Trucker's breeder class and the class was the best from three breeder classes. In the end kennel Trucker's was also BIS3-breeder class, congratulations Sanna!

So really long but also unforgettable day, thanks to everyone! :)
25.01.2009 - Turku international show

Our first show of this year was in Turku and we were there with Finik and Ringo. Finik was in the ring first and he looked so good in his new hair style. Unfortunately Finik got only very good because the judge Anne Tove Stranden (from Norway) didn't like his colour. Well, maybe better luck next time! :)

Ringo has matured into really nice youngster and he is now 31cm high. In March he will be moved to another breed but in Turku he was still competing as a toypoodle. Ringo was little bit confused of all those weird noises in the fair center, but did nice job in the ring anyway. Ringo became BOB-puppy under judge Paul Stanton from Sweden. So Ringo had a really nice start for his show career, well done!