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22.12.2010 - Christmas Greetings

22.12.2010 - Greetings

Once again it's time to look back and see what this year has given to us. First of all this year has been real puppy year ;) Ringo became father for three litters and from his third litter I got Rommi. Rommi has been real joy in my life and we'll see what future brings for him. Before Rommi I got Tintin with my friend Elisa. Tintin came from Czech Rebuplic and he is lively little boy, I guess he is never bored..?

We haven't been in many dog shows this year. Ringo has been changing his colour and when we came back to shows judges said that the colour should be better. So I guess we are on a break again.. But we got some success from Estonia where Ringo was BOB and got CAC. Tintin started his show "career" from Estonia and he was 2 x BOB-puppy. So it was really nice holiday trip :) Tintin was in couple of shows after our visit in Estonia and then he ended his show year in Finnish Winner 2010. Hopefully next year isn't so quiet with dog shows :)

In April I took Finik to eye examination and everything was ok, just great! In December Onni was diagnosed with Spondylosis deformans and it brought little bit misery to our life. Onni is doing well now and we hope that he has many good years still coming.

Beside dogs I have had big changes in my life. In summer I finally moved to my own home and in autumn I started to study technical design. Balancing with school, work and dogs hasn't been so easy all the time but I'm so happy now :)

Thank you everyone for this year and have a succesful year 2011!

"Take it easy!"
14.12.2010 - Finnish Winner 2010

It was time for the last dog show in this year and it was the big Finnish Winner 2010 in Helsinki. This time I travelled there with Tintin and this little boy got nice result: very good and second in his class.
04.12.2010 - Health results

  This time our news aren't that good..

I have been worrying why Onni doesn't like when someone touches one spot in his back/loin. Almost everytime he gets nervous when you try to touch his back from that one spot.

So that's why Onni's back was x-rayed 1st of December and the doctor found clear beginning of Spondylosis deformans that already now causes little pain. All we can do is make him feel better and hope that the condition of his back doesn't go bad too quick :(

Otherwise Onni is doing well and he is like a shadow of my mom, always there where my mom is :)

08.11.2010 - Greetings

I have been really busy with my school, work and of course: with dogs. We have finally snow here, keep fingers crossed that it won't melt away ;) Because I really hope that the dark autumn is finally over with the rainy weather and all that mud would be finally gone..

But hey, here is couple of pictures so that you can see how nicely Rommi has grown up! I really like this boy, he is such a sweetheart. Rommi is 16 weeks old tomorrow.

19.09.2010 - Say hello to Rommi!

We have new member in our family! :) Rommi is Ringo's son and he is now almost 9 weeks old.

Click here to read more about him!

29.08.2010 - Helsinki - SKKY Specialty Show

Today Tintin travelled with Elisa to Helsinki and continued his "show career" :) Tintin was second in his class with nice critique. And check out how handsome he has already grown!

02.08.2010 - Viimsi national show x 2

We spent long weekend in Estonia and participated in two dog shows with Ringo and Tintin. We got really nice results:

Saturday 31.07.2010
Judge: Anna Brankovich, Serbia
First Apri Novartis BOB-puppy

Sunday 01.08.2010
Judge: Lars Adeheimer, Denmark
Miralyn English Lad BOB, CAC
First Apri Novartis BOB-puppy

So Tintin made his show debut with great success! We are so proud of this happy little boy :)

22.07.2010 - Finik 6 years old!

20.07.2010 - Greetings

Ringo is now proud father for three more puppies: two girls and one boy, all red :) The mother is Trucker's Catch The Wind. We wish all the best for the mom and the puppies! :)

Ringo's second litter was born 7th June with two puppies: one girl and one boy. Mother of this litter is Trucker's Yum-Yum Yaffa and the puppies are growing well.

Beside these great news we have also something sad to tell. Last week one of the puppies from Ringo's first litter got bit by a large dog and the poor puppy died immediately. Rest in peace little Daisy :(
29.06.2010 - Bono 2 years old!

26.05.2010 - Onni 8 years old!

Onni is already 8 years, wow.. It feels like yesterday when we got him. In the photo Onni is still a youngster but now he is my first veteran poodle :)
16.05.2010 - Rauma national show

Another hot day in dog show, this time in Rauma. We got nice results today, when Ringo was Best Male 3 :) So three shows this week with interesting critiques and judges.

Congratulations to Ida and australian shepherd Tyson for winning BOB and first CAC today! :)
15.05.2010 - Mynämäki national show

Hot hot hot day in Mynämäki national show! Ringo showed himself nicely in the ring but the judge didn't like his colour. So only very good and second placement in the class for Ringo today with excellent critique :)

© Ida Nieminen
13.05.2010 - Kangasniemi national show

Finally back in dog shows with Ringo :) Today we were in Kangasniemi's national show and Ringo got only good because of his bad coat colour. Better luck next time :)
12.05.2010 - Ringo 2 years old!

24.04.2010 - Lahti international show

Today Bono was in Lahti international show and got good with critique that sounded just like Bono :) Judge was Kari Järvinen from Finland.
20.04.2010 - Health results

Finik (5,5 years old) had his eyes checked today and everything was ok! :)
19.04.2010 - New look!

We have new layout on our website. Huge thanks to Elina again! You are amazing ;)
17.04.2010 - Welcome to Finland Tintin!

We have new member in our family! Today arrived little apricot toypoodle male from Czech Rebuplic: First Apri Novartis "Tintin". Tintin lives at the moment with his other owner Elisa Ahokas (kennel LB Jolie), but he will later live also with me :)

© kennel Novartis
30.03.2010 - Puppies

Ringo is now proud father! The lovely mother is Villa Fantasian Smaragtina "Stina" and the puppies belong to kennel Villa Fantasian. Stina gave birth to four puppies a week ago and the litter is just great - 2 males and 2 females! :) We wish all the best for Stina and puppies!

© Villa Fantasian
14.02.2010 - Greetings

  Wow, new year and no updates till now. I must have been really lazy ;) Actually we have just been enjoying our lovely winter, we have lots of snow and it's quite cold outside. And now in February sun starts to shine really nicely and it looks really beautiful outside. So what could be more nicer than spending time outside with dogs? Our dear Onni doesn't like the weather that much though, he thinks it's too cold. But our other poodles just love the snow, especially Ringo. He could run and play in the snow all day long :) I guess we have to enjoy the snow right now because soon it's going to melt away and then all places are just wet outside - and so are the poodles, nice.

I haven't been in shows with my poodles, but Bono was in Turku international show in January. Bono got "disqualified" which is quite interesting. Judge said that Bono looks too much like a bitch and that's why he gave Bono "disqualified". Bono wasn't the only one who got this critique and only one poodle in a/s/r dwarf poodles got excellent. I think I was lucky when I decided to stay home ;) So no shows for Ringo right now, let's see what is the situation later.

We would also like to say this to everybody:
Happy Valentine's Day!