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22.12.2011 - Merry Christmas!

22.12.2011 - Greetings

We have had quiet autumn but overall this year has been really busy and rough for me, something I really haven't experienced earlier. Year ago I said that hopefully this year isn't so quiet (with dog shows) and it surely wasn't a quiet one!

Our year started with health results: Rommi PRA prcd Carrier and Tintin PRA prcd Normal. Later both boys were examinated more and they both have healthy eyes (Tintin has mild distichiasis) and good knees. Poor Bono was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy, but he is under medication now and is doing much better.

Ringo's fourth litter saw daylight in the end of January. His other offsprings are doing great and two of them are examinated to be healthy beside Rommi. Ringo's pride is absolutely gorgeous Debbie (Villa Fantasian Debden), little red toypoodle female. Debbie is EE JCH and has now also TK1-title from obedience. Debbie's first competition was in poodles' obedience championship and she got 2nd place! So definitely beauty and brain!

Rommi is now on a break from shows because he needs some time to mature. But I had so great year with him, more than I could ever have dreamed of. So here are Rommi's best results from year 2011:

3 x BOB-puppy
2 x BOB
2 x BOS
2 x Best Male #2
1 x Best Male #4
4 x BOB-junior
5 x junior-CAC (3 from Estonia, 1 from Latvia, 1 x Lithuania)
2 x res-CAC (from Finland)

..and four titles: Estonian & Latvian & Lithuanian & Baltic Junior Champion!

I have no idea how many kilometres we drove in Baltia this year but as you can see it was totally worth it :) And all our visits to Baltia were holidays for me so beside these results I got great memories.

Finik, the dog of my life, became this year Lithuanian & Baltic Champion. I'm so proud of him winning these titles even though he is still growing his hair. And I can't wait to have him back in the show rings next year :)

Beside dogs I have almost gone crazy with school, work and some other things in my personal life. But luckily I get support from my parents and have great friends around me, thank you all! Huge thanks to Milla for everything, you're simply the best!
25.10.2011 - Health results

Once again great health results :)

Miralyn English Lad - eyes OK
07.09.2011 - New champions!

Last weekend we drove so many kilometres in Via Baltica.. But it was truly worth it and I'm still on cloud nine!

We spent great weekend in Lithuania and I thought that because we are going so far away, I just had to take also Finik with us there even though he is still growing his hair for next year's veteran classes. And I'm so happy that I took him on this trip because he is now brand new Lithuanian and Baltic Champion! Finik was sooo happy when he finally could come to a dog show with me and I loved to be in a ring with him. Can't wait to have his hair grown back! :)

Rommi, our little young star, was shining again. The judge liked him a lot and placed him BOB so Rommi is now also Lithuanian and Baltic Junior Champion! This is a dream come true to me. I thought that this wouldn't be possible with Rommi because he developes quite slowly but I'm glad that some judges understand it :) Well, these show trips have also been holidays for me so the success has just been a very special extra :)
06.08.2011 - Health results

Finally it was time for Rommi's health check and what a great results we got!

Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy - eyes OK and knees 0/0
06.08.2011 - Tartu national show

U n b e l i e v a b l e !

We have a new champion with two titles!! Last weekend we travelled to Estonia once again and our trip wasn't the best possible, but the results we got were simply the best! Rommi was BOB, BOB-junior and got JCAC so he became Estonian and Latvian Junior Champion, I'm soooo proud! :)

This show day became even better when Ringo's daughter Debbie (Villa Fantasian Debden) finished also her Estonian Junior Champion-title when she got the same results as Rommi. Debbie was also shortlisted in the group finals, what a great young poodle :) We left home straight from the show but Debbie was in the ring also on Sunday and she was again BOB and BOB-junior.

Two new champions! Villa Fantasian Debden & Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy
22.07.2011 - Happy Birthday Finik!

My dear Finik is now 7 years old! One more year to go and then he can compete in veteran class :)
20.07.2011 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

18.07.2011 - Two national shows in Viimsi, Estonia

Finally show weekend with less heath! We got some rain though but fortunately it didn't rain when we were in the ring. Our visit to Estonia was amazing, so let the results talk:

Saturday 16.07.2011 - judge Bruno Nodalli, Italy (kennel Osmanthus)
Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy BOS, BOB-junior, JCAC

Sunday 17.07.2011 - judge Helena Borisova, Belarus
Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy BOS, BOB-junior, JCAC

On both days BOB was beautiful champion female. We got so much from this trip and the weekend became even better when Ringo's daughter Debbie (Villa Fantasian Debden) got exactly same results as Rommi on both days in toypoodles! :) Huge thanks to Milla again for everything!

Patric & Rommi - happy winners of the weekend
09.07.2011 - Hyvinkää national show

Again one really hot day in a dogs show.. I could manage with less heath and I guess dogs too. But this was really nice day anyway: Rommi showed his best and was Best Male #2 with res-CAC, go Rommi! :) My baby has become a nice junior but needs still more time.

02.07.2011 - Tuusula national show

Finally first excellent for Rommi in Finland and even more! Today Rommi was in national dog show in Tuusula and it was so hot that Rommi didn't want to move well. But he did good job anyway and was Best Male #4 with res-CAC. I'm so proud of this little boy :)

29.06.2011 - Happy Birthday Bono!

12.06.2011 - Riga international show

  Wow, what a weekend! We made quite a trip to Latvia and just like last weekend, it was really really hot all the time. We got so much new experience from many different things and made quick changes to our travelling plans, but it was all worth it!

Little Rommi showed himself nicely in the ring and to my surprise he got excellent and ended up being Best Male #2! Rommi also left one male behind us in the best male-competition, so I'm more than proud of him. Rommi was compeiting in junior class so he got also Latvian JCAC, so we got exactly what we wanted from this trip.

Huge thanks to Milla for everything! :)
06.06.2011 - Two shows in Estonia

We made a small holiday trip to really hot Tallinn and participated in two dog shows with Rommi at the same time. On Saturday it was even so hot that Rommi was moving tail down in the ring. It wasn't a surprise that we came home with a dog that was 2 x very good ;) Both judges were just lovely and Rommi got nice critiques from them. Rommi just needs more time, just like his father did when he was at that age. But we are still going to another holiday trip next weekend, I can't wait! ;)

26.05.2011 - Happy Birthday dear Onni!

21.05.2011 - Somero group show

Today in sunny Somero Rommi did great job in the ring and got "very good" from the judge. So no change in one week, still baby ;)

15.05.2011 - Rauma national show

My little Rommi was today in Rauma's national dog show. He was excited in the ring and did nice job, but because he is still such a baby, the judge gave him "very good" with really nice critique.

12.05.2011 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

07.05.2011 - Tampere international show

Rommi's first visit in junior class is now over and I am so proud of him! The judge thought that he is still quite immature and gave "very good" to Rommi. We'll see what happens next time :)

03.05.2011 - Training for the big thing!

Rommi's first visit in "real" show class is on Saturday and I thought that some last minute training would be great so we went to an unofficial match show (dogs compete in pairs, better one gets red ribbon and the other one blue ribbon). It was quite cold weather but Rommi did good job in the ring, still needs more training though. We competed in puppy class of small dogs and Rommi got blue ribbon. In the end he won all the small puppies with blue ribbon! So we went to the BIS-finals, but didn't get placement among four best. I'm so proud of little Rommi! :)
17.04.2011 - Helsinki puppy show

Rommi was in his last puppy class-competition in Helsinki and he was 2nd best male-puppy. So next time Rommi will be in junior class and that will be in our "home show" in May! :)
26.03.2011 - Health results

First Apri Novartis - eyes OK, mild distichiasis and knees 0/0

At the same time couple of Ringo's offsprings got these health results:
Villa Fantasian Debden - eyes OK, knees 0/0
Villa Fantasian Leyton - eyes OK, knees 0/0

Just great! :)
07.03.2011 - Estonia, 2 x national show

We were on short holiday in Estonia and participated in two dog shows in Tallinn with Ringo and Rommi. Ringo didn't get any success because of his funny coat colour so when we came back to Finland, I finally cut his hair short, see the photos below (light in the photos is not correct, sorry).

Rommi was the star of our weekend when he was BOB-puppy on both days :) Well done little Rommi!

24.02.2011 - Health results

Trucker's Double Trouble: idiopathic epilepsy

I have no words :( Luckily Bono is under medication and he is doing better now.
20.02.2011 - Lohja puppy show

Finally it was Rommi's turn to show himself in the show ring! We went to Lohja puppy show and I guess Rommi was really trying to figure out what was going on.. On the table he was shaking but on the ground he was really excited and moved happily. After all Rommi was BOB-puppy so I am really happy :)

Rommi 7 months old
30.01.2011 - Happy Birthday Tintin!

29.01.2011 - Puppies!

Ringo is now proud father for his 4th litter! This litter's mother is Zebec Sunday Moon, lovely and happy apricot poodle girl. "Isla" got five puppies and they all are doing great. We wish all the best for the mother and the puppies! :)
05.01.2011 - Health results

Our first news of the year 2011 comes from Optigen:

First Apri Novartis - PRA prcd: Normal/Clear
Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy - PRA prcd: Carrier