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21.12.2012 - Merry Christmas!

21.12.2012 - Greetings

What an interesting year this has been and I guess it's time to look back once again.

Our year started with puppy news when three puppies were born in kennel Villa Fantasian. In March was born one male puppy and in November four puppies; these two litters were born in co-operation with kennel Trucker's. Ringo has been very nice stud dog and it's so nice to see his puppies growing up. His son Rommi is still on show break because he hasn't got more substance. But Rommi is doing great and he is such a happy little poodle :) We are also really proud of Ringo's daughter Debbie (EE JCH TK1 Villa Fantasian Debden) for being awarded with Kuparimalja-trophy for the best Finnish bred red poodle of all sizes in Finnish Poodle Specialty Show this year. That is absolutely amazing and once again I have to say good job Aurora and Debbie! :)

Rommi had his hips and elbows checked this year and the results were perfect: hips A/A and elbows 0/0. He also had his eyes checked and they were clear.

We got one new member to our team this year: tricolour beagle male Juti (Eevertti). Juti has been really different than poodles and it has been really interesting to live with him. We were supposed to go to dog shows with him but he's not having normal testicles so no dog shows for him :( But he is really promising in hunting and that's the main thing with him of course.

Perhaps the best part of this year has been Finik's comeback to dog shows because that is something I have waited for so long. And the waiting has totally been worth it! I showed him couple times in champion class and then rest of the year in veteran class. Among 14 shows Finik's best results were these:

6 x BOB
1 x BOS
10 x BOB-veteran
1 x Best Male #2
1 x Best Male #3
2 x Best Male #4
..and one new title: Estonian Veteran Champion!

Beside dogs I graduated from Tampere College this year and now I am a design assistant. Next year is still a big mystery for me, we'll see what happens then.
20.11.2012 - Puppies

I just love the puppy news! Last night was born Ringo's 7th litter: one male and three females. Lovely mother is Trucker's Only For You. All the puppies are reserved.

© Anki Kunnasvirta
12.11.2012 - Jyväskylä international show

Back on the top! What an ending we had for our show year yeasterday in Jyväskylä international dog show. Before Finik was two dogs missing so I had to rush into the ring with him and he was so full of energy that I had troubles handling him. But I'm happy that he still has that much energy :) Finik impressed the judge Carlos Quinones and first Finik was BOB-veteran and later also Best of Breed. Way to go Finik!

21.10.2012 - Turku international show

Yesterday we spent such a long day in Turku international show because the judge was 2,5 hours late from the show schedule. And of course we had the last poodle in the ring, lovely black standard poodle female Saara (Trucker's Zarai Of Raiza), so we had to wait and wait and wait. Saara did well and was placed Best Bitch #3.

Finik's day was quite interesting. He has been in more than 60 show's overall and has been judged by over 60 judges. But it took this much time before he got his first "disqualified" because of the missing premolars and it happened in the veteran class, which is in my opinion quite funny. But in fact it is correct to give him "disqualified" because the breed standard says that poodles shouldn't be missing so many premolars. The judge got six missing premolars though when there is only five missing.. And I must have washed Finik with too hot water before the show because the judge measured him three times and he got only 33,5-34cm from Finik :D So somehow he lost 3-4cm in one night, so weird.. Our next show will be after three weeks so let's hope that we have better luck next time :) That will also be our last show of this year.

Happy Finik in the show :)
(His colour looks horrible because of the lights in the show place.)
27.09.2012 - Health results

I got some great news from the Kennel Club of Finland :)

Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy
- hips A/A
- elbows 0/0
22.09.2012 - Turku group show

Finik did it again! Today at Turku group show Finik was BOB and BOB-veteran under judge Karin Bernardis. The judge was very impressed by Finik's movements and said that Finik is "super gut" :)

BOB Trucker's Quil Pri Que & BOS Sinisimpukan Ulrika
11.09.2012 - Show weekend and health result

Last weekend we had shows in two different countries, one here in Finland and one in Estonia. On Saturday we went to Porvoo national show and our judge was well known poodle specialist Henrik Hannelius from Finland. He liked Finik very much and out of 9 males Finik was Best Of Breed (also BOB-veteran)!

On Sunday we were in a group show in Tallinn and this time the judge was Leif Lehmann Jørgensen from Denmark. He also liked Finik and placed him BOB and BOB-veteran, which means that Finik is brand new Estonian Veteran Champion! :) So overall this weekend was very memorable and I'm so happy that Finik is still going strong.

On Monday 10.9. Rommi had his eyes checked and everything was ok! :)
02.09.2012 - Tampere group show

This time we didn't have to go far for a dog show, we had it right here less than 10km away from my home. Finik was little bit tired and was paying more attention to smelling the grass than showing himself. So all the movements were just like a every day walk for him and he lacked so much reach and drive. But anyway, Finik was BOB-veteran in this show and hopefully he gets enough beauty sleep before our next show ;)

25.08.2012 - Tervakoski international show

Lovely sunny day in Tervakoski international show gave us some really nice success today. Last weekend's lazy cow-movements were just history and today Finik moved with power. From 11 males he was Best Male #3 and BOB-veteran, well done Finik!

Keith Nathan judging Finik
20.08.2012 - Baltic Winner 2012

Last weekend we travelled to Estonia to participate in Baltic Winner 2012-show. On Saturday it was really hot and our hotel room was too hot for dogs to get sleep. On Sunday before the ring I was grooming Finik and all he wanted to do was go to sleep :P And then we got so much rain that I have never ever been so wet in a dog show. So Finik moved like a lazy cow in the ring and lost to another dog in veteran class. In the end he was Best Male #4 under judge Inga Siil from Estonia. So we got nothing but more experience from this trip, thank you Milla once again for everything! :)
05.08.2012 - Kuopio triple international shows

WOW, what a weekend we had in Kuopio triple international shows! I am so happy and thrilled with our results. Finik was showing his best in the ring even though it was really long weekend. So here are Finik's results from this weekend:

Friday 3.8. BOB-veteran
Saturday 4.8. BOS & BOB-veteran
Sunday 5.8. BOB & BOB-veteran

Specially on Saturday Finik got very nice compliments from the judge Chantal Mery. Here is Finik's critique from Saturday:
8 years. All over excellent dog. Excellent expression and typical head. Excellent pigmentation. Almond shape eyes. Long ears. Very well balanced body. Excellent angulations. Moves very well. Excellent tail carriage. Excellent coat texture, uniform colour.

28.07.2012 - Pori international show

Finally it was Finik's first time in veteran class and he did perfect job in the ring even though it was really hot sunny day. Judge Jouko Leiviskä (kennel Toyway) placed him Best Male #2 and BOB-veteran with really nice critique. So happy and proud of my little boy :)

22.07.2012 - Happy Birthday Finik!

Finik is finally in veteran age but still full of life and energy! Happy Birthday my dear Finik, you're simply the best!
20.07.2012 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

14.07.2012 - Lammi group show

Today we got both pouring rain and hot sunshine in Lammi group show. Luckily it didn't rain when we were in the ring :) Last weekend Finik was going so fast in the ring but this time he managed to calm down a bit, but still the judge said that Finik is full of life :) And so in the end this vivid poodle was Best of Breed! Go Finik!

08.07.2012 - Karjaa international show

Finik is back in the show business! Today we were in Karjaa international show and it was quite hot day. Finik was full of energy and I loved to be in a show with him. The judge Otto Krcal almost didn't believe me when I said that Finik is almost 8 years old. And when he placed Finik second in the champion class he said that Finik is in super condition. I couldn't be more happier :) In the end Finik was Best Male #4 so really nice start for our comeback. In Finik's critique also said "erstklassige presentation & styling" meaning that presentation and styling was first class quality. So here you can see what team work can do :) Special thanks to our wonderful groomer Elisa!
29.06.2012 - Happy Birthday Bono!

Just birthday wishes lately.. We haven't done anything special and I have been busy with work. But next weekend everything will change and you'll get some news ;)
26.05.2012 - Happy Birthday Onni!

My first dog is 10 years old today! Time goes by so fast.. Hopefully we still have some years left to be together :)
12.05.2012 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

01.05.2012 - Welcome to our team Juti!

Our team has a new member: tricolour beagle male Juti. He has already showed us that he is one really brave puppy and that he has such a lovely temperament :) We'll see what future brings for him, hopefully hunting and some shows!

25.03.2012 - Finnish Poodle Specialty

Have to brag little bit.. Today in Finnish Poodle Specialty Ringo's daughter Debbie (EE JCH TK1 Villa Fantasian Debden) won open class (7 females) in toy poodles and got res-CAC. Beside this great result she was also awarded with Kuparimalja-trophy for the best Finnish bred red poodle of all sizes!! Debbie was also #1 top winning newcomer in obedience 2011 and #2 top winning poodle in obedience 2011. Ringo is so proud of her daugher, you are doing such a great job Aurora and Debbie! :)
17.03.2012 - Puppy news

Some puppy news again :) 8.3.2012 was born a red dwarf poodle boy, proud parents of this puppy are Miralyn English Lad "Ringo" and Trucker's Storia D'Amore "Bea". This boy is looking for a good home! Feel free to contact me for more information if you're interested. Here is the pedigree of the puppy.

© Jari Uitto
09.02.2012 - We have moved!

Notice that we have moved so we have a new address, you can see it from the index-page.

Tired little helpers Ringo and Finik :)
30.01.2012 - Happy Birthday Tintin!

22.01.2012 - Puppies

Happy new year everybody! :)

This year started with puppy news! Ringo's 5th litter saw daylight 19.1.2012 and there is one male and two females in the litter. Beautiful mother is Villa Fantasian Tuileries "Rakel" and the puppies belong to kennel Villa Fantasian. We wish all the best for Rakel and the puppies!

© Villa Fantasian