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20.12.2013 - Happy Holidays!

20.12.2013 - Greetings

This year is almost over, time to look back!

Our year started with very special life events. I graduated one year ago and in January 2013 I got a new job. I'm so happy about that and I have been so happy in my new job. I got my driver's licence (finally!!) also in January. Words can't describe how happy I'm because of that.

Juti the beagle had his very first birthday in March. Life with him has been quite interesting and definitely not boring. We hope to have many years with him, even though his hips aren't looking so good. Time will tell what happens.

With dog shows this year has been nice; one show here and one show there. No serious showing but still very nice results. This year Finik was 4 x BOB, 1 x BOS and 12 x BOB-veteran. Overall we had 13 shows this year, so only once Finik got 'very good' instead of 'excellent'.
This year's most memorable shows must be unofficial Club Show for poodles and our annual Finnish Poodle Specialty. In Club Show Finik was BOB, BOB-veteran and ended his succesfull day with 3rd place in BIS Veteran! In the Specialty show Finik was Best Male 2nd, BOB-veteran and again 3rd in BIS Veteran. These are my first BIS-placements ever and I'm so glad that it was Finik who won these placements. He is the Dog of my life <3 I need to mention the Finnish Toy Dog Specialty too. Finik was BOB and BOB-veteran there under the poodle specialist Margareth Vear. It was my first time in that show and Finik made it unforgettable. Now that Finik isn't going to shows anymore I have to send special thanks to Elisa for Finik's grooming in the shows!

We have also got some health results. Ringo, Finik and Juti had their eyes and patella luxation examinated and all results were good. Ringo and Juti had their hearts checked and there were no murmurs. We are still waiting for official hip and elbow results for Juti and Ringo. Hopefully we get them before this year ends :) Beside official health examinations we've had some other visits to vet. Finik have had some problems with his teeth, but he is ok now. He is missing many premolars and now he is missing even more teeth, oops! :) Rommi was also having a problem with one tooth and it needed to be removed. After that I finally decided that he isn't going to dog shows anymore, because the tooth was in front. Also Rommi is still very skinny so now he is neutered and we are hoping that this operation will make him gain some weight. Fingers crossed! Juti will be neutered next year after the hunting season is over because he doesn't have normal testicles.

No puppy news for us this year, but Ringo has something to be proud of! He became a grandfather in August when his daughter toypoodle Debbie (Villa Fantasian Debden) got four red puppies with red toypoodle male Sture (Sunny Love Beware Of Fire). I'm excited to see how these puppies will grow up :)
04.12.2013 - Health results

More health results! :)

Miralyn English Lad
Heart: no murmurs

Heart: no murmurs

Ringo's elbows were x-rayed and they are just great, but we still need to wait the official result from the Finnish Kennel Club.

Juti had his elbows, hips and back x-rayed. His back was checked only unofficially, but it looked good. Elbows were also looking good, but the hips.. not so good :( We'll have to wait for the official result and then we'll know more. The doctor, who took these x-rays, also said that he thinks that Juti doesn't have 0/0 knees on the lateral side. But this knee examination was unofficial because Juti had his knees checked already yesterday.. So I think I'll have to take him to another official knee examination so I can get something written on paper.

Juti sleeping after the examinations.

03.12.2013 - Health results

Our beagle boy Juti is finally getting his health checked! :)

Eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patella luxation: 0/0
25.11.2013 - Elvis has left the building

Finik has had some problems with his teeth and the sad diagnose was that all his M1 and M2 teeth from upper jaw had to be removed. I was planning to retire Finik from dog shows after the biggest annual Finnish dog show in December, but because of this surgery, I had to retire him little bit earlier. So we didn't get a chance to participate in those two shows I mentioned earlier. But the most important thing is that Finik is feeling better now :)

Finik sleeping on my chest after the teeth extraction.

07.11.2013 - Health results

Finik (9 years old) was health checked and I'm so happy with the results! :)

Trucker's Quil Pri Que
Eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patella luxation: 0/0
27.10.2013 - Lahti international show

Today we travelled to Lahti international show after little break from dog shows. The floor was super slippery from here and there, but luckily we managed to stay on our feet most of the time ;) Finik got only very good today from judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland. We have just two shows left this year and we'll see what happens then.
18.09.2013 - Greetings

We are back online! I thought that I would take a little break from updating our website and then come back with new layout. But somehow this little break was little longer than I first thought :D But we are back now! Thank you Elina once again for making the layout :)
15.09.2013 - Porvoo national show

Finik showed himself really nicely today at Porvoo national show. Under judge Iren Naarits from Estonia Finik was BOS and BOB-veteran :)

BOS Trucker's Quil Pri Que & BOB Of Hannelhill Aurelia

10.09.2013 - Health results

Miralyn English Lad
Eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patella luxation: 0/0
07.09.2013 - Vantaa national show

Today we had nice sunny day at Vantaa. The judge was Ligita Zake from Latvia and under her judgement Finik was BOB-veteran.
04.09.2013 - Greetings

Juti the beagle has started his hunting season. Great work in the woods but no bunnies this time. Better luck next time!
25.08.2013 - Tervakoski INT and Finnish Toy Dog Specialty

On Saturday we travelled to Tervakoski where we had a change of judge. Our judge was again Nikola Smolic from Croatia (just like at Honkajoki) and he still liked Finik. Finik was Best Male 3rd and BOB-veteran.

On Sunday was more special day when we travelled to Helsinki and participated in the annual Finnish Toy Dog Specialty. Our judge was poodle specialist Margareth Vear from Norway and she really liked Finik. In the end Finik was BOB and BOB-veteran, super Finik! This was our first time in this show and I have to say that we got some great memories :)

Photo on the right © Elisa Ahokas

28.07.2013 - Helsinki INT and Pori INT

Two very hot and sunny days in two international shows with similar results. On both days Finik was Best Male 2nd and BOB-veteran :) On Saturday judge was Donald Sturz Jr from USA and on Sunday Unto Timonen from Finland.
22.07.2013 - Happy Birthday Finik!

20.07.2013 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

06.07.2013 - Honkajoki FCI 6 & 9

Nice day in small dog show with nice success. Under judge Nikola Smolic from Croatia Finik was BOB and BOB-veteran. Way to go Finik! :)
29.06.2013 - Happy Birthday Bono!

16.06.2013 - Finnish Poodle Specialty

It was time for the annual Finnish Poodle Specialty and the weather was changing quite much. But Finik was still happily showing himself, I just love his charisma. Our day was full of success when Finik was Best Male 2nd, BOB-veteran and in the end BIS-3 veteran! Breed was judgeg by Eija Halonen (kennel Haydee's) from Finland and BIS veteran by Lorena Merati (kennel Samarcanda) from Italy.

Photo on the right © Elisa Ahokas

09.06.2013 - Club Show and Salo FCI 1 & 9

On Saturday we spent really hot day in Finnish Poodle Club's Club Show at Jyväskylä. Judge was Charlotte Sandell (kennel Huffish) from Sweden. Finik was really enjoying his day with great results. He was BOB, BOB-veteran and in the end also BIS-3 veteran!

On Sunday Finik continued his nice success at Salo group show. Finik was Best Male 2nd and BOB-veteran under Colette Muldoon from Ireland.

© Elisa Ahokas

26.05.2013 - Happy Birthday Onni!

26.05.2013 - Rauma national show

Today Finik showed himself nicely at Rauma in windy weather. Under judge Kenneth Kauffman from USA Finik was Best Male 3rd and BOB-veteran.
13.05.2013 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

21.04.2013 - Kankaanpää FCI 2 & 9

We've had little break from dog shows but now we are back in show business. And we are back with great results :) Today at Kankaanpää Finik was BOB and BOB-veteran under Rita Reyniers from Belgium. Finik's turn was quite in the end of the ring and I will always remember the judge's heartwarming words when she touched Finik for the first time, looked me in the eyes and said: "He is one of the best I have seen today." With these words she gave also very nice critique for Finik :)
08.03.2013 - Happy Birthday Juti!

01.02.2013 - Greetings

What a way to start this year: new job and I finally got my driver's licence! It took quite much time but finally I can come and go just the way I want :)