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20.12.2014 - Greetings

Beginning of this year was little bit quiet for us. It started with health results from Finnish Kennel Club. Ringo's elbows are 0/0 and I'm so happy with that. Juti's elbows were also 0/0 and hips B/B. I was surprised with Juti's hip result because his hips were looking quite bad in the x-rays.. But we'll see. Juti was also neutered this year because of his not normal testicles. Operation went fine and Juti recovered well.

Then we got some worries when I noticed that Finik's other testicle was bigger than the other one and the diagnose was testicular cancer, so also Finik had to be neutered. Finik was health tested beside neutering and I was so happy to hear that his blood tests were clear, heart is beating like it should be, he has no other tumors in his body, back and elbows were fine - no rheumatoid arthritis anywhere. Well, these results we got already in March so the situation can now be something else.. But I'm hoping that I can still be many more years with Finik.

In May we got a new addition to our team and after that our year definitely hasn't been quiet :D This puppy is a dream come true for me and I couldn't be any happier with him. The big change in my life was when cirneco dell'etna male Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" moved to Finland from Belgium. I flew there myself to pick him up and it was really nice trip, meeting his breeder and siblings etc. Indy is co-owned with Sanna Koponen and I'm so thankful to her for trusting me with Indy.

In Summer I started to train track racing with Indy and he has been enjoying this hobby from the bottom of his heart. I'm so glad that I can offer him this hobby, because he is born to run. During the summer I helped Sanna as much as possible in track racing and lure coursing competitions and tried to learn every bit of these hobbies. It's quite different world from dog shows, which I also like so naturally I went to some shows with Indy already this year. We trained in one unofficial match show in Summer and Indy won first his compeiting partner and then placed 4th in the finals. Indy's debute in real show world was at Turku puppy show and he surely surprised me by winning BOB-puppy and then he was Best In Group #1! It was such a long day for young puppy and I could see that he was tired in the group finals, but he still showed himself nicely. I was so proud of him that day :) Next month Indy was also BOB-puppy at Lahti puppy show, that time we didn't stay in finals.

Indy's prizes from dog shows this year.

I have to mention how proud Ringo can be of his offsprings. This year two of his puppies gained Finnish Champion-title: Villa Fantasian Debden "Debbie" and Villa Fantasian Polte "Lenni". Lenni's big win I was able to even see with Ringo, it was great moment for us :) Big thank you for the owners for being so active with their dogs! Some of the offsprings have also been health tested this year and all the results have been perfect. Some are also training agility and they have been quite succesfull in that. Keep on going!

Last but not least I have to mention my precious Finik once more. Last year was Finik's last show year and I thought that I should make a little summary of his career because he got his very last trophy this year. Finik won many big placements when he was still living in Russia and he gained RUS JCH-title easily there. I never got it confirmed for him so eventually I dropped it out from his titles. But during his time with me he has gained:
23 x Best Of Breed
4 x Best of Opposite Sex
22 x Best Of Breed-veteran
7 x Champion title
..and the cherry on the top: one of the most top winning apricot medium size poodles of his time in Finland.

Finik's most winning poodle-trophies from left to right:
#3 top winning apricot & silver medium size poodle 2006 in Finland
#2 top winning poodle 2006 of the Tampere Region (Finnish Poodle Club's Tampere local club)
#1 top winning apricot & silver & red medium size poodle 2007 of the Tampere region (unoffially also the #1 most winning poodle 2007)
#1 top winning apricot & red & silver medium size poodle 2007 in Finland
#3 top winning apricot & red & silver medium size poodle 2012 in Finland
#2 top winning apricot & red & silver medium size poodle 2013 in Finland

Finik has also been #4 top winning veteran poodle 2012 in Finland and #3 top winning veteran poodle 2013 in Finland. Only the most winning veteran is awarded with trophy in Finland so that's why there is no prizes in the picture from those winnings. But I think it's a big win with apricot medium size poodle to place that high on most winning veteran-list because all sizes and colours are ranked on the same list. Go Finik! :)

Now it's time to relax for the rest of the year and then start planning what we will do next year. Some dog shows are already in my calendar, but I believe we will do something else too :) Happy holidays everyone, see you next year!
19.12.2014 - Merry Christmas!

26.10.2014 - Lahti puppy show

It was time for Indy's second dog show and it was Lahti puppy show. Outside the ring Indy was full of energy and going around like a crazy, but in the ring he behaved so nicely. With excellent critique Indy was BOB-puppy under judge Helin Tenson.

14.09.2014 - Turku puppy show

Today Indy (Boxing Helena's Nascar) made his show debute at Turku puppy show. First Indy was BOB-puppy and later he was Best In Group! I'm so proud of him, even though he was quite tired in the group finals, he still showed himself nicely. Breed and group judge was Jarmo Vuorinen, kennel Scheik's.
Sanna Koponen
25.07.2014 - Greetings

It's hot hot hot here in Finland! I'm on my Summer holiday at the moment, so nice to spend more time with dogs. We just came home from a vacation, we were visiting Northern Finland for 1,5 weeks.

I'm waiting for the big event, WDS 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. Only two more weeks to go! And in September we have sighthound racing World Championships here in our hometown, Tampere. So much to see in these two events!

Indy enjoying his life :)
22.07.2014 - Happy Birthday Finik!

Finik the man, dearest of them all, dog of my life. I can't believe that he is already 10 years old. It feels like yesterday when I got him. I hope that we still have many glorious years ahead of us.
20.07.2014 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

Little Rommi is now 4 years old :) He has been so much better after his neutering, he has even got a little more weight on him.
29.06.2014 - Greetings

Indy is growing up nicely, he is now 15 weeks old. We have started to train track racing little bit already. I think Indy is quite promising with that, hopefully he will be enjoying that hobby in the future. Other dogs are also doing fine :) Our summer has been full of rain and heavy wind. We hope that the sun would start shining more and more, it so much better than the rain.

29.06.2014 - Happy Birthday Bono!

Little Bono is now 6 years old too :)
26.05.2014 - Happy Birthday Onni!

Time goes by so fast.. Onni is already 12 years old. He is my first dog so he has been with me almost half of my life. Even though he lives with my parents he is still so special to me and always will be. Happy Birthday dear Onni!
12.05.2014 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

Ringo is now 6 years old, oh how time flies.. Ringo is doing just great :) He loves to be around people and to meet new dogs. Ringo is always happy and he tries his best to make everyone else happy too.
11.05.2014 - Welcome to Finland Indy!

We have a new member in our team! Cirneco dell'etna male Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" arrived to Finland yesterday. Indy is co-owned with Sanna Koponen and I'm so thrilled to have him here with me! :)

21.04.2014 - Greetings

Finik the man (Trucker's Quil Pri Que) was retired from dog shows last year and today one special list was published: top winning poodles 2013 in Finland. I didn't expect Finik could get high ranking on the list but oh boy, how wrong was I! Finik has made me so proud once again, because he is:

#2 top winning apricot & silver & red medium size poodle 2013 in Finland
#3 top winning veteran poodle 2013 in Finland

My little happy Finik <3
17.03.2014 - Greetings

A week ago I noticed that Finik's (Trucker's Quil Pri Que) other testicle was bigger than the other one. I took him to vet and diagnose was testicular tumor. Today Finik was neutered and the operation went great. Our vet took also some blood tests and there wasn't any problems. I asked to take some x-rays so we could see if there was any other tumors or anything else we should be worried about. Finik's back and elbows were clear, no rheumatoid arthritis anywhere. And no other tumors anywhere, yippee! His heart is also beating just the way it should be. So Finik should be now just fine :)
08.03.2014 - Happy Birthday Juti!

Juti is now 2 years old and all grown up. He is quite handsome young man :) He didn't get any rabbits this hunting season, but we'll see what happens on next season.

Our snowy winter was only few weeks long and now it looks like spring in here. This is really weird, I have never ever seen winter like this.
10.01.2014 - Greetings

Our beagle boy Juti is now also neutered because of his not normal testicles. Now he has to wear a plastic collar and he doesn't like it at all..

This winter in Finland has been too warm. No snow and no frost, just raining all the time. Now we are getting some snow and frost, let's hope that it will stay like this for the rest of the winter! Poodles look horrible all the time because of the muddy ground outside. Big dislike! :(
08.01.2014 - Health results

Happy new year everybody! I waited these results already last year but this is how our year started, some great news from the Finnish Kennel Club:

Miralyn English Lad
Elbows: 0/0

Elbows: 0/0
Hips: B/B

Juti's hip results were a little surprise for me, they are better than I expected, but I'm more than happy with that :) Elbow results are exactly what I was expecting.