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28.12.2015 - Greetings

We've had an interesting year with many ups and downs. This year started with great show results with Indy. And Indy kept going strong the whole year. We travelled in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Norway during the year and made so many new lovely memories with dear friends. I feel blessed to have these friends in my life :) Indy got these show results during 2015:
- 7 x BOB
- 6 x CAC (4 from Finland, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Estonia)
- 2 x CACIB (1 from Estonia, 1 from Sweden)
- 3 x BOB-junior
- 3 x junior-CAC (from Estonia)
- 2 x Best Male 2nd
- 1 x Best Male 3rd
and three titles:
- Estonian Junior Champion
- Tallinn Junior Winner 2015
- Tallinn Winner 2015

In Norway we participated at European Dog Show 2015, where Indy placed 1st in Intermediate Class. It was very special placement for me in this kind of big show.

In running trials Indy got some nice success as well. In track racing he run in seven starts winning four CACs, placing 2nd in Finnish Championship and 2nd in the championship of our Finnish breed club. Overall Indy was 3rd best track racing cirneco in Finland this year :) In lure coursing Indy run in three starts winning two CACs. Indy won also the championship of our local kennel district in both track racing and lure coursing. After this successful season Indy was awarded as Best Show Dog 2015 and Track Racing Newcomer 2015 of the Sighthound Club of Pirkanmaa. Perfect ending for our season, what more can I say?

Indy wasn't the only one who was running in the show rings this year. Ringo made a little comeback to shows in Estonia. Ringo won BOB and CAC once, so I guess we have to visit Estonia again next year :)

This year we got some really good and some really bad health results. Indy was health tested with perfect results; eyes, knees, heart, hips and elbows are all fine. Ringo was health tested again and all the results were fine, no problems. Unfortunately Rommi was diagnosed with myxomatous mitral valve disease aka MMVD. Rommi's situation is still good but I don't know how long it will stay like that. I'm hoping for the best. Finik was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, that we are keeping under control with special diet. We'll see how long it works, so again I'm hoping for the best.

Ringo got some offsprings this year, two litters with nine puppies in total. First litter had four males and one female, second litter four females. I'm glad that Ringo can share his spirit for others too. We wish all the best for the puppies with their new families!

The biggest black moment in our year was the loss of Juti the beagle. I haven't lost any dog before and I really didn't think Juti would be the first one to go. Life works in mysterious ways and somehow I understand why this happened. At some point we would've had to make the decision to let Juti go because of his bad hips and knees. Now he had a chance to be truly happy for the rest of his days. Rest in peace Juti.

Next spring is already somehow planned and I'm excited to see what the rest of the year brings for us. Thank you all for this amazing year and see you all next year!
24.12.2015 - Merry Christmas!

22.11.2015 - Health results

Finik's health condition went suddenly bad few days ago and luckily I got him to the vet before the weekend. The vet took blood tests and put Finik in IV. I was afraid that Finik might have tumors, because we had to visit the vet for same kind of problem last spring. In the spring he had some kind of infection that was fixed with antibiotics. This time we had to do something else as the diagnose was that Finik has chronic kidney failure. It is something that came with age and now Finik is on new diet, that helps the kidneys work. I hope that we still have some time left together. Finik was also ultrasounded to be sure that he doesn't have tumors in his stomach etc. and the results were clear, no tumors.
29.11.2015 - Narva national shows

We travelled to Narva, Estonia, for a little holiday. We choose Narva for our destination because there were two national dog shows - of course ;) This time I took only Ringo to the ring, trying to get him the last CAC from Estonia that he needs. We didn't have any luck this time and it was quite funny trip actually. Both of our judges were confused of Ringo's grooming style as he is in Scandinavian clip or as we call it more friendly the Terrier clip. Well, maybe we'll have better luck next year :)
27.11.2015 - Health results

Indy was x-rayed few days ago and today We got some really nice news from Finnish Kennel Club: Indy's hips are A/A and elbows 0/0! These are the perfect results, so I'm more than happy with these news :) Indy was already x-rayed once last year when he hurt his leg so I wanted to be sure that it's only a muscle strain, not a problem with his knees etc. And it was only a muscular strain so Indy got better with some rest. Now he is also officially healthy dog, yay!

17.11.2015 - Most winning dogs of PVK

The Sighthound Club of Pirkanmaa (PVK) has awarded this year's most winning sighthounds, that are representing the club in competitions and events. As we live in Tampere, Indy is one of these dogs. I'm extremely proud to tell that Indy was awarded as

Best Show Dog 2015 and Track Racing Newcomer 2015!

This is such an honour because all the sighthound breeds are compeiting for these same titles. I've seen so many amazing dogs during this year, so it's really something special to win these titles with this kind of breed. Go Indy!

© Kati Kanerva
03.11.2015 - Poodle puppies

Miralyn English Lad "Ringo" has now some more offsprings: red dwarf poodle Trucker's Rock'n' Roll Rebel "Elli" gave birth to four females. Quite special litter full of ladies :) Ringo wishes all the best for Elli and the puppies, we hope to see the puppies in the future!
16.10.2015 - In memoriam

Juti's journey with us ended today when he got hit by bus on his hunting trip. We hope that Juti catches many bunnies on the rainbow bridge. Farewell little friend <3

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

12.09.2015 - Lure coursing at Keuruu

We've had a little break from running competitions but today I travelled to Keuruu with Indy. There we participated at lure coursing competition and what a lovely day we had! The sun was shining all day, luckily no rain even though it's already September. Indy's first run was interesting, because the lure's wire broke before the last part of the course. We had to wait that they fixed the wire and then Indy could run the last part of the course. I have never seen this happen before but you never stop learning new things :) In the finals Indy run with really small female and it was quite interesting to watch. In the end Indy got 465 points and LC CAC! This was Indy's 2nd CAC from lure coursing, yay!

Indy with his cute bunny-medal - the prize for CAC :)
06.09.2015 - European Dog Show 2015

It was time to spend last summer holidays, so I travelled to Norway with Indy and couple of friends and their dogs. And of course we were travelling to Norway because European Dog Show 2015 was organized there :) Our judge was Luís Pinto Teixeira from Portugal and he was really looking for great movement and good condition. Indy was compeiting in intermediate class and he won the class with excellent. I was so proud of my big boy, he was really showing the best of him in the ring. The judge was quite frustrated with the show rules and he didn't place the Best Males after CAC- and CACIB-competitions. So I don't know what our placement would have been in the Best Male-competition. I also handled Tulimaan Mia Milanca "Isla" in the ring, she won the working class and got lots of compliments from the judge. The judge said that there should be more dogs that are able to work, not only look pretty, because cirnecos are made to work. I must agree with him totally. Overall our holiday in Norway and Sweden was just great, the weather was nice and company was great. What more could you ask? :)

Indy somewhere in Sweden / Indy's diploma from EDS
01.09.2015 - Echocardiography

Today was Rommi's echocardiography which means his heart was ultrasounded. This doctor's opinion was that the murmurs in Rommi's heart was 2/6, but there was no confusion if there is murmur or not, Rommi definitely has a heart disease. The diagnose was that Rommi has myxomatous mitral valve disease, MMVD. So Rommi's mitral valve doesn't work anymore the way it should be working. Right now the situation is good and Rommi doesn't need medication, but we don't know how fast the situation will change. After six months I will bring him to the vet for auscultation examination, to check his heart. And after one year he should be ultrasounded again. Keep your fingers crossed for our little Rommi that we can spend many more years together!

Rommi the little hairy monster :)
30.08.2015 - Dog show weekend at Haapsalu

Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" is now 17,5 months old so I had to travel to Estonia with him before he is 18 months old, because then he can't compete in the junior class anymore and he needed one more junior-CAC to finish his Estonian Junior Championship. So we travelled to this nice city, Haapsalu, on Friday. Miralyn English Lad "Ringo" has been out of dog shows for quite long now and his colour is not so bad at the moment so I decided to take him with me and see what happens.
On Saturday Indy was BOB and BOB-junior with junior-CAC, so that means he is now brand new Estonian Junior Champion! I was so happy that he got the last junior-CAC on our first show day. Unfortunately Ringo had a different judge than he was supposed to have and I knew that he wouldn't get any success on Saturday before even entering the ring. And I was correct, Ringo got very good from the judge.
On Sunday Indy was Best Male 2nd with lovely critique and he was showing himself a lot better than day before. So I was happy with his overall performance. Ringo was also showing himself better than day before and it was a joy to be in the ring with him. In the end Ringo was BOB with CAC! I was so proud of my little poodle boy, he was the star of the day :)

26.08.2015 - Health results

Miralyn English Lad "Ringo" and Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy "Rommi" was health checked today. Ringo is now 7 years old and Rommi is 5 years old. We got some really good news and some really bad news..

Miralyn English Lad:
eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
patellas: 0/0
heart: no murmurs

Trucker's No More Mr Nice Guy:
eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
patellas: 0/0
heart: murmurs 3/6

So unfortunately Rommi has really bad murmurs in his heart, on a scale 1-6 his results was 3. Rommi's last visit to the doctor was less than a year ago when he was vaccinated and the doctor didn't hear any murmurs then.. So the situation is quite alarming. Rommi's heart is going to be ultrasounded soon so that we know how bad the situation really is. Right now it doesn't look really good :(

Rommi <3
17.08.2015 - Road trip to Sweden

Last weekend I travelled with Indy to Sweden, where we travelled first to Eskilstuna and then to Norrköping. In Eskilstuna we participated at national show on Saturday. The judge measured Indy way too bigger than he really is and because of that Indy got disqualified from the judge. Not the best way to start our weekend but that's how it goes sometimes :) After the show we travelled to Norrköping and on Sunday Indy was showing himself at international show. This time judge liked Indy really much and placed him BOB with CAC and CACIB. So after all we got exactly what we wanted from our road trip to Sweden :) I'm extremely proud of Indy, he is so easy companion when we are travelling. So friendly and always trying to kiss everyone <3 Thank you Elisa for the extremely funny trip!

09.08.2015 - Mustiala lure coursing

What a day.. I slept too long, somehow didn't hear the alarm clock and when I woke up, I should have been already on the road. OMG what a morning! Luckily I managed to get on time to Mustiala and we didn't miss this competition. Indy is quite big cirneco and lure coursing competition usually has quite curvy courses. Indy runs too fast and too far in these curves and he loses points for that. Today this happened again in the first run. Indy run better in the finals and when they were distributing the prizes (that's when we hear the final results for the first time) I was so happy when I heard that Indy placed 3rd out of 10 cirnecos. But when I heard how many points he got, I was in 7th heaven! Indy got 451 points and got his first LC CAC! So after the very chaotic morning our day ended so well. I'm so proud of my "little" boy :)

01.08.2015 - Finnish Track Racing championship

So it was time for the Finnish Track Racing Championship 2015 and we had such a nice sunny day at Helsinki. Indy got great start for his first run and got the lead straight away, but again the last week's winner (our friend) caught Indy and won the run. Indy got his best time yet in this first run so I think it went well anyway. In the final run Indy decided to swift his running lane out of the blue and crashed quite badly with the first run's winner. We were so sure that boys will be disqualified but luckily it didn't happen, perhaps because it was only lane changing. In the end Indy won silver at the Championship competition, I'm so proud of him as he is only 16 months old and has won silver in both our national organisation's championship and Finnish championship competition :)

Indy with his big trophy.
25.07.2015 - SIC Track Racing championship

Today we travelled to Hyvinkää and participated to SIC Track Racing Championship 2015 -competition. SIC is Finnish organisation for Italian Greyhounds and Cirneco dell'Etnas. In the preliminary run Indy was running second after the winner of that run but then another cirneco caught him and Indy was beaten by 0.02s on the finish line. So Indy placed 3rd with CAC in the first run. The final run was truly a Grande Finale! Indy got amazing start and was leading the group for almost the whole track. But the winner of the first run didn't give up and finally on the finish line Indy and the other cirneco were running side by side, so the winner of the championship had to be checked from cameras. Once again Indy was beaten by 0.02 seconds and placed 2nd in the finals. I guess this is just our luck that we miss everything just by little :) The winner is our friend and the final run was so amazing that I don't feel bad for losing, just thinking the final run gives me goosebumbs! It really is a sign of good dog sport. Next weekend Indy is compeiting for Finnish Track Racing Champion -title. Let's see what happens then :)
22.07.2015 - Happy Birthday Finik!

20.07.2015 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

19.07.2015 - Tampere lure coursing

Today was time for Indy's first lure coursing competition and it took place in Hämeenkyrö. Indy run little bit too far in one his first course's curves but was back on track soon. His final run went great and in the end he placed 3rd with 446 points, not far from CAC. This competition was also lure coursing championship of P-H kennel district so Indy is now P-H kennel district's LC champion 2015. We can be proud of him, he is both TR and LC champion of our kennel district in this year.

Indy running in the finals. © Kati Kanerva
11.07.2015 - Helsinki track racing

Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" run today at Helsinki in track racing competition. Indy run 350m only once today and he got really bad start for his run. After the start Indy run solid and placed 4th out of 6 dogs with CAC. So it was really nice day for us anyway :)
06.07.2015 - Show weekend at Pärnu, Estonia

Last weekend I travelled with Indy to sunny Pärnu, Estonia. We had big show weekend there and we got nice results :) On Friday was group show for FCI 5 & 9 and Indy was BOB, BOB-junior with junior-CAC under judge Tijana Konrad, Serbia.

On Saturday and Sunday was international shows and Indy was first time in intermediate class because our friend Puuppanen (Trucker's Apple Of My Eye) was compeiting in junior class. On Saturday Indy was full of energy and he behaved like a wild child. Judge Kornelija Butrimova from Lithuania didn't quite appreciate that and didn't really like my Indy either. So on Saturday Indy got excellent without CQ. Ligita Zake from Latvia was judging on Sunday and Indy did better job on our last show day. Indy ended up as Best Male #2 with CAC and CACIB right after our friend Puuppanen from junior class.

We got many new memories from this trip, thank you Milla and Bruno the PON for your company on this trip!

01.07.2015 - Health results

Boxing Helena's Nascar
eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
patella luxation: 0/0
heart: no murmurs

Indy got perfect results from health tests today! I'm extremely happy now :)
29.06.2015 - Happy Birthday Bono!

27.06.2015 - Tampere track racing

What a day!! Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" has finally enough age to compete so today we participated in his first track racing competition. We had the priviledge to run at our home track and Indy did great job today, I'm so proud of our young boy!

Indy's results today:
280m: 2/4 Boxing Helena's Nascar 22.55s CAC
350m: 1/5 Boxing Helena's Nascar 28.21s CAC and P-H kennel district's TR champion

Our home track's record for 350m is 28.20s so Indy was quite close, not bad for a first-timer, I think :)

Indy earlier this week at the track. © Kati Kanerva
31.05.2015 - Mänttä-Vilppula all breeds show

This time I travelled to Mänttä-Vilppula with Indy to participate at their 50th dog show, quite impressive. Under judge Juha Putkonen Indy was BOB with CAC. This was Indy's 4th CAC and now we are going to take a little break from dog shows and we'll focus on running instead. I have planned some shows for the summer of course, but right now running is the main theme for us :)

Weather was quite windy so little cirneco needed a blanket ;)
26.05.2015 - Happy Birthday Onni!

At some point I thought that we wouldn't see this day come but here it is.. Happy 13th Birthday dear Onni!
12.05.2015 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

One more year and then Ringo can go to dog shows as a veteran dog, wow :)
01.05.2015 - Lahti FCI 5 & 6/8

Today I travelled with Indy to Lahti, Finland. The weather was a bit chilly and Indy didn't want to concentrate too well because of that. However, the judge really liked Indy and placed him BOB with CAC. The judge was Paavo Mattila (Finland) and he gave really nice comments to Indy.

11.04.2015 - Tallinn Winner 2015

Wow wow wow! We travelled to Tallinn, Estonia, to participate at Tallinn Winner 2015 with Indy. Indy sure did me proud when he won Best Of Breed, Best Of Breed Junior, junior-CAC and got two titles: Tallinn Junior Winner 2015 and Tallinn Winner 2015! Indy's first titles and he really earned them by showing himself so nicely. Go Indy!

22.03.2015 - Dog show weekend

We had two dog shows this weekend, but didn't get any great success. On Saturday Indy participated in international show at Lahti under judge Pirjo Aaltonen. Indy got excellent but no CQ. He was compeiting in junior class so in this show he was Royal Canin's BOB-junior :) On Sunday we were at Korpilahti group show and Indy got very good from judge Kirsti Louhi. Indy's critiques on both days were great, only some little negative markings. Better luck next time!
15.03.2015 - Happy Birthday Indy!

Wow, Indy is already one year old! Time has gone by so fast.
08.03.2015 - Happy Birthday Juti!

01.03.2015 - Finnish Poodle Specialty

At this moment I don't have a poodle that I could bring to shows, but luckily Ringo's offsprings are active. Today was annual Finnish Poodle Specialty (we have only one every year) and Ringo's daughter Debbie (FI & EE CH EE JCH Villa Fantasian Debden) was awarded with Kuparimalja-trophy for the best Finnish bred red poodle of all sizes! This was Debbie's second time to win this trophy and I think it's just amazing! Go Debbie!
23.02.2015 - Poodle puppies

Miralyn English Lad "Ringo" has now some more offsprings: apricot dwarf poodle Wild Apricot Daylight Queen "Tyyne" gave birth to four males and one female. Some male puppies are looking for home, you can contact me for more information. Ringo wishes all the best for Tyyne and the puppies, we are curious to see how they will mature :)
01.02.2015 - Parkano FCI 5 & 9

Today I travelled through tough winter weather to a dog show with Indy, but it was definitely worth it :) The judge said really nice words about Indy, only Indy's front needs more time. So yes, this judge liked Indy's topline :) Indy did great job today, it's so nice to see how happy he is in the ring. Indy surprised me today when he was BOB and got his second CAC. We stayed for group finals but didn't get any placement from there.

24.01.2015 - Turku international show

We started this year with a dog show: international show at Turku. It was Indy's first time in junior class and he was super good! Indy moved well and he was standing free almost all the time. His critique was great, only topline could have been better. Indy placed Best Male #3 with his first CAC from Finland! I'm so happy :)