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30.12.2016 - Greetings

Year 2016 is nearly over and what an amazing year it has been, so many wonderful new memories.

This year started with new Estonian Champion when my dear Ringo (Miralyn English Lad) finished his championship in January at Tarto, Estonia. Already then I had a feeling that this year is going to be a great one :)

In March we got a new family member when Chili (Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen) surprisingly joined our team. Chili has been such a ray of sunshine in our daily life. You never know what he's up to, he is such a goofball.

Unfortunately in September we had to say good bye to Onni (Trucker's Gambler Of Luck) at the age of 14 years. I was almost 28 years old when Onni passed away so he had been with us for half of my life and now it's quite weird that he isn't there anymore. Thank you Onni for everything <3

When this year's running season started I thought that it wouldn't be easy to gain lure coursing CACs with Indy (Boxing Helena's Nascar), but Indy surprised me totally by winning his three first LC competitions with three CACs. Indy did also his best in other activities and his year looks overall like this:

- 12 shows: 3 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 4 x CAC, 4 x CACIB, 1 x res-CACIB, Best Male -placings
- 3 starts on Track Racing: 2 x CAC
- 2 starts on Pack Coursing: 1 x CAC
- 7 starts on Lure Coursing: 3 x CAC, SIC Lure Coursing Champion 2016
..and icing on the cake; 10 new titles!!
- Champion International de Beauté*
- Champion International d'Exposition*
- Finnish Show Champion
- Swedish Show Champion
- Estonian Show Champion
- Latvian Show Champion
- Lithuanian Show Champion
- Baltic Show Champion
- Finnish Track Racing Champion
- Finnish Lure Coursing Champion

Indy is also Best Lure Coursing Cirneco male 2016 in Finland and 2nd best in full listing, wow! One of Indy's great achievements this year was also his first litter, Trucker's D-litter with 2 males and 3 females.

Chili focused on dog shows because he is still too young to run in official competitions. Even though Chili is always going around like a little tornado, he can stay really calm in dog shows because he loves food so much and wants to do everything to get it. But he still needed a lot of practice and luckily he figured it out in the puppy classes. This is Chili's year when it's listed:

- 15 shows: 7 in puppy class and 8 in junior class
- 6 x BOB-puppy, 1 x BOS-puppy
- 1 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 2 x BOB-junior, 1 x BOS-junior
- 4 x junior-CAC, 1 x CAC
- Best Puppy 2016 of the Sighthound Club of Pirkanmaa
..and Chili got also 6 titles in just five weeks!
- Estonian Junior Show Champion
- Latvian Junior Show Champion
- Baltic Junior Winner 2016
- Swedish Junior Winner 2016
- Swedish Winner 2016
- Finnish Junior Winner 2016

This was our year 2016, I'm grateful for all the people who have participated in it one way or another. Now it's time for new year and new plans, see you all next year!
22.12.2016 - Merry Christmas!

11.12.2016 - Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner 2016

Our show year is now over and we finished it with the biggest shows in Finland: Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner. Unfortunately the experience wasn't the best possible for Chili. His little accident one month ago in the Baltic Winner show triggered his sensitive phase to start. Chili is super easy travel companion but the loud noises in the show center made him suspicious and the rattling floor was too much for him. It was ok to run where the floor didn't make sound but otherwise he didn't want to run at all. Despite all of this Chili placed first in the junior class with excellent on Sunday and now we can add a new title in front of his name: Junior Winner 2016!

Now we are gonna take a little break from shows and we hope that Chili will find again his self-confidence during this time.

06.12.2016 - Swedish Winner 2016

Young Mr. Chili Cobonen made some history last weekend when we travelled to Stockholm, Sweden, where Swedish Winner 2016 -show was organized. Under judge Orietta Zilli from Italy Chili was first in junior class and got Swedish Junior Winner 2016 -title. But this was not all, Chili won also Best Male over three champion males! My knees went so weak in the ring, I just couldn't believe it! In the end Chili was BOS and got also Swedish Winner 2016 -title. What an amazing young boy I have!

20.11.2016 - Chili 1 year old

My precious little Chili is 1 year old today! I saw him for the first time 29.12.2015 and I never thought that he would be celebrating his 1st birthday with us. But I'm so glad that he lives with us now because he makes me smile every day :)

12.11.2016 - Baltic Winner 2016

Greetings from Latvia! I travelled to Riga with Chili and we participated in international show "Baltic Winner 2016". Just before our turn in the ring a big sighthound jumped to Chili's back and he got little bit nervous after that, he saw something suspicious everywhere and I started to think that he wouldn't behave well in the ring. I worried for nothing because Chili was bursting with joy when the judge Anita Whitmarsh (Sweden) started to talk to him. Chili's cheerful personality pleased her so much that she gave a big kiss to Chili after checking his teeth :) In the end Chili placed Best Male #4 with junior-CAC, finished his Latvian Junior Champion -title and got also the Baltic Junior Winner -title!

I'm so proud of Chili, he is super easy travelling companion. I hope that the little accident at the show place doesn't affect him too much. Two more show weekends coming this year, stay tuned!

07.11.2016 - Tartu international shows

We spent the weekend at Tartu, Estonia, and participated in two international shows. It was Chili's (Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen) turn to show himself. Chili got only excellent on Saturday from judge Katrin Raie (Estonia) because of his front isn't yet developed enough. On Sunday our judge was Pekka Teini from Finland and he appreciated highly my 11-month-old junior. The judge said that Chili is high quality male so it wasn't a surpise that Chili was BOB and BOB-junior. He got also junior-CAC and is now brand new Estonian Junior Champion, yay!

28.10.2016 - Puppy news

Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" is now proud father! The litter of five puppies (2+3) was born 3.10.2016. This litter was a double mating, but today the parentage verification report showed that all these puppies have the same father. I believed to the very end that both males would have offspring in this litter, but this was the case this time. Mother is super lovely Tulimaan Her Highness "Regina" and puppies have got their names already:

male Trucker's Days Of Thunder
male Trucker's Danger Zone
female Trucker's Dyna-Mite
female Trucker's Devil's Whisper
female Trucker's Dame'Etna

© Sanna Koponen
01.10.2016 - Finnish Pack Coursing Championships

The very first Finnish Pack Coursing Championships were held at Mänttä-Vilppula and there were 10 packs in total, two of them were cirneco dell'etna packs. Indy was in one of these packs with Tulimaan Mia Milanca "Isla" and Trucker's Bonfire Heart "Hertta". We "cirneco-people" believe that this trial is very suitable for cirnechi, but unfortunately judges disagreed with us this time. So no success today, but we are extremely proud of how our cirnecos worked on the field in this competition and how we were representing this breed in the Finnish Championships.
25.09.2016 - Helsinki lure coursing

Today was our last lure coursing competition of this season and I thought that after yesterday's track racing competition Indy would concentrate better.. Well, it didn't quite go as I expected. The course in the preliminary run was really curvy and curves are not for Indy now that he is really fit. He runs with full speed like a maniac so yeah, it looked quite horrible. But still Indy went to the finals from 11th place with 225 points so it could have been worse. And in the finals it was worse. The final course was made for fast dogs so that they can show off their skills. The course was in the middle of long bushes and the track was somewhere in the middle of it. In the first curve Indy decided that it was ok to cut the course and there he was in the middle of the bushes trying to find the lure :) And it happened again later. These moves would have been great if we were in pack coursing competition but unfortunately Indy lost lots of points because he didn't follow the lure straightly. At the end of the day Indy was on 13th place with only 410 points. But he wasn't last, there were actually 14 cirnecos competing and that must be a world record, wow!
24.09.2016 - Tampere track racing

Indy hasn't ran so much at the rack on this season, we have been training of course, but we haven't been in competitions after Indy got that one disqualification in the beginnig of this running season. But today Indy got a chance to run again at the track. Indy's running partner was small cirneco female called Pihla (Flightmaster Unique Haze), so it wasn't a surprise that Indy won the start. Indy's running style is so beautiful at the end of the season, he is really fit now! Go Indy!

© Vesa Kaasinen
18.09.2016 - Kouvola lure coursing

Today we participated in tough lure coursing competition at Kouvola. The course was good for Indy but the judges didn't give points easily. In the end places 2-5 were between 444-449 points, so it really was tough! Indy placed 4th with 446 points, not far from CAC but I'm happy with Indy's performance anyway.
02.09.2016 - In memoriam

It was time to let go, time to say goodbye.

Onni was my first dog and when I moved to my own home, he stayed with my parents because my mom didn't want to give him with me. The biggest and warmest Thank You goes to my mom for taking such a good care of Onni for the rest of his life. Kiitos äiti!

28.08.2016 - Finnish Lure Coursing Championships

This year's Finnish Lure Coursing Championships were held quite close to us, only 30 minutes away from our home. Indy was full of excitement and he couldn't really control it. He ran with full speed and made enormous curves on the field. He lost some points because of that but I'm really proud of him anyway. There was 11 cirnecos in the competition and Indy's placement was 5th, not bad at all! :)
22.08.2016 - Tallinn international shows

Last weekend was very special in so many ways. I travelled to Tallinn with some friends & dogs and we spent lovely, so funny and very hot weekend there. In Tallinn there was two international dog shows and we participated in both of them. I had both my cirneco boys there, Chili (Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen) in junior class and Indy (Boxing Helena's Nascar) in champion class.

Chili was first in the ring on Saturday and he did such a great job by winning his first junior-CAC. He became 9 months old at the show day so he is still growing up but the judge gave him wonderful critique. Indy showed himself with style and I guess he was thinking that if you gonna do it, do it with style! Indy was BOB, got CAC and finished his Estonian & Baltic Championship. Indy got also the last required CACIB and after the confirmation he will Champion International de Beauté & Champion International d'Exposition!! What a great way to finish his C.I.B. and C.I.E. -titles. Chili was also BOB-junior and finished his day as Best Male 3rd. Chili participated also in the Brace-competition with his sister Chica (Trucker's Chiquitita) and they were BOB-brace. Chili was also in the kennel Trucker's breeders class, which was BOB-breeder and shortlisted among 8 best in the group finals.

Boxing Helena's Nascar

On Sunday the sun was still shining brightly and our day couldn't be any better. Chili won another junior-CAC and was BOS-junior this time, losing to his sister Chica. Indy kept going strong and was chosen BOB with CACIB second time that weekend. And my little Chili was right behind Indy, placing Best Male 2nd. Chili & Chica were BOB-brace again and kennel Trucker's BOB-breeder.

Beside all the great success I must tell you how proud I am of Chili. He is so young but his tail never stopped wagging and he was so cheery all the time. We had long days at the show place because of the group finals and everything but Chili was so happy and outgoing. What a special little boy!
On Saturday I handled also ex tempore one red medium size poodle to Best Male 3rd with CAC and CACIB. Unfortunately on Sunday my own dogs were in the ring at the same time as the poodle so I couldn't handle him again. It was quite nice to be in the ring with a medium size poodle after long time :) Thank you all for the lovely time in Tallinn, it sure is a weekend to be remembered!
07.08.2016 - Sawo Show 2016

It was time for the lovely Sawo Show in Kuopio - three international shows during one weekend. This time I had only Chili (Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen) with me there and he is still in puppy class. On Friday we got heavy rain for about 5 minutes just before the ring but luckily that was all the rain we got during the weekend. The ground got really muddy and it wasn't quite ideal for cirnecos. However all the judges liked Chili really much, hope to see these three judges later in some shows so I can show them Chili again when he is a bit older. Chili was BOB-puppy in all three shows, what a boy!

Chili has now won 6 x BOB-puppy and 1 x BOS-puppy. But now it's time to say good bye to puppy classes, in our next show he will be a junior, can't wait!
22.07.2016 - Finik 12 years old

20.07.2016 - Rommi 6 years old

16.07.2016 - Kartano Weekend

Nice summer day at Helsinki with Chili. We went to a dog show called Kartano Weekend, a group show for FCI 10 and FCI 5.7 Primitive type hunting dogs + Basenjis and Pharaoh Hounds. Our judge was Eli-Marie Klepp (kennel Rosenhill) from Norway and she liked Chili really much. Chili got beautiful critique from the judge and he was BOB-puppy today. Well done little Chili! :)

11.07.2016 - Weekend at Koria

On Friday evening we travelled to Koria, Kouvola, with all our dogs. We spent lovely weekend there with friends and participated in running trials on both days. On Saturday there was pack coursing competition and I was really excited and nervous about that because we have never ever tried that. Pack coursing is quite new trial format in Finland and it's close to lure coursing. In pack coursing there is three dogs running at the same time and they are judged as a pack, not as individuals. The dogs are supposed to work together and change roles during the run. Indy's pack was first on the field and with Indy there was Trucker's Bonfire Heart "Hertta" and Tulimaan Her Highness "Regina". Regina is really experienced runner and has been in pack coursing competition before, but for Hertta this was her first running competition ever. So we had one beginner, one expert and then there was Indy in the middle.
We got ok points from the preliminary run but after watching the other packs run, we realized that our pack's points were actually quite good. After preliminary run we were on the 6th place and 10 out of 15 packs went to the finals so we got to run again aswell. In the finals our pack was working harder, they concentrated better and ran well together. The hard work paid off and in the end we placed 4th with 460 points and CACs! There is not enough words to describe how thrilled we were! A big thank you for Indy's running partners Regina & Hertta!
On Sunday it was time for lure coursing. This competition was a bit special because we could enter dogs as running partners to the competition. They would run together in preliminary run and also in the finals if both dogs went to the finals. Indy's running partner was (again) Trucker's Bonfire Heart "Hertta", quite small but really fast cirneco female. They ran really well together, Indy with large curves and Hertta was really sharp and fast. After preliminary run Hertta was holding the 1st place and Indy shared 3rd place with another dog. 4 out of 8 cirnecos went to the finals so Indy had a chance to run again.
In the finals Indy was somehow lost and I thought that the long weekend and the hot weather was little bit too much for him. He didn't run as he usually runs and didn't get much points. On the next day we got a message that Hertta had started her heat, so Indy was just kind of running after Hertta on the field day before. Indy was really eager to check Hertta on Sunday but she didn't show any signs of her heat so we had no idea that it was the reason for Indy's behaviour. It's not easy to be a man.. In the competition Indy placed 4th with 415 points so no CAC this time :)

Our next lure coursing competition will be Finnish Championships, keep your fingers crossed for us!
03.07.2016 - SIC Club Show

On the next day after the Finnish Sighthound Club Specialty Show we participated in the unofficial Club Show of Finnish Italian Greyhound and Cirneco dell'Etna Club. I had only Chili there with me and he was again so happy and outgoing. The judge was Anna Albrigo from Italy and she gave us critique that sounds just like Chili. Chili was again in puppy class and was BOS-puppy this time. Chili's sister Chica (Trucker's Chiquitita) was BOB-puppy and later also BIS-puppy! We also represented Trucker's breeders class but didn't get any placement in the group finals. But our class looked great even though we had two puppies there :)

© Inka Luomanmäki
02.07.2016 - Finnish Sighthound Club Specialty Show

Our both cirneco boys participated in the Specialty Show of Finnish Sighthound Club under judge Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne from Germany. Chili was first in the ring in puppy class and the judge was really surprised that Chili was so open and friendly. The judge liked Chili really much and placed him BOB-puppy, well done little Chili! Indy was in champion class and the competition between Indy and another champion male was really though. The judge looked and looked the dogs, made us run around the ring, placed Indy 1st, made us run some more, looked the dogs again, placed Indy 2nd and made us run once more. And that was her final decision, Indy placed 2nd in the champion class and later also Best Male 3rd. Both of my boys got wonderful critiques from the judge, I'm so proud of them!

Indy running after another male and looking so macho :)
© Milla Toivanen
29.06.2016 - Bono 8 years old

18.06.2016 - Hyvinkää track racing

In rainy weather we participated in track racing competition at Hyvinkää. The weather wasn't the best possible for racing as the track was really soft but Indy did his best. Indy run in placement competition for 280m and won the run with certificate qualifying time. With this CAC Indy finished his Finnish Racing Championship! This means that Indy is now triple champion, wohoo! My very first cirneco and my very first triple champion, it feels so good! :)

05.06.2016 - Lahti dog shows

Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen "Chili" made his show debute today at Lahti Puppy show and Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" was supporting his "little brother" by participating in group show at the same place, at the same time. Chili was really pretty when standing and like a wild horse when moving.. More practise is needed with this young fellow for sure. The judge Kirsi Honkanen from Finland liked Chili really much and placed him BOB-puppy. Nice start for Chili.

Indy's judge was Augustin Ionescu from Romania. Indy told the judge that weather is too cold for cirnecos and the judge agreed with a laugh. Despite the windy weather Indy showed himself beautifully and judge placed him BOB. I'm so proud of my boys, double win!

28.05.2016 - Lumijoki lure coursing competition

Time to celebrate, whoop whoop!!

Today we travelled to Lumijoki and participated in lure coursing competition. This was our third LC competition on this season and I'm more than proud to tell you that now we have three competitions, three winnings and three LC CACs! Indy had already two CACs from last year so this means that he is brand new Finnish Lure Coursing Champion! Indy has finished five championships on this year already, that is so much more than I expected. And it's all thanks to Indy. I'm just the owner who tries to take best possible care of him and trying to keep up with him at the same time. Amazing Indy, yes yes yes!

26.05.2016 - Onni 14 years old

22.05.2016 - Tampere track racing competition

Our first track racing competition on this season didn't quite go as I was hoping.. Indy was disqualified for disturbing his running partner, other male that was running in the same start. Not Indy's best performance I must say. But dogs are dogs, anything can happen.
12.05.2016 - Ringo 8 years old

08.05.2016 - Keuruu lure coursing competition

I must say that I'm extremely proud of Indy. When this year's running season started, I was little nervous because I didn't know how Indy would run. Last year he was super excited when he had a chance to run and he just ran like a mad man. And I was happy with that because Indy was so happy. But this year I was expecting something from him, just a little bit more. And I didn't have to be disappointed. Today we were at Keuruu, in lure coursing competition, and Indy did amazing job on the fields. He scored the same amount of points than last week, 494, which is pretty much! He got his 4th CAC and placed 1st! So two competitions, two winnings and two CACs! My sweet Indy :)

01.05.2016 - Tampere international show

After our amazing day outside on Saturday, it was time to stay inside on Sunday. Indy was showing himself at Tampere international show with pride as he was shown first time in the champion class. Indy ended up Best Male 2nd with res-CACIB and excellent critique from the judge Markku Mähönen from Finland.
30.04.2016 - SIC Lure Coursing Championship 2016

Today it was time to start the running season with Indy. Our season's first competition was at Mustiala, the lure coursing championship of our breed club SIC in Finland. I was hesitating when I was entering Indy into the competition because I wasn't sure if he was fit enough after winter. But once again Indy surprised me.. I almost dropped from my chair when I heard that after the first run Indy was holding the 2nd place out of 11 cirnecos. He had already so many points at that time so I wasn't nervous when the finals started - I was just hoping that Indy would run solid and get enough points for LC CAC. Right after his run in the finals I said that he run better there, but when the results came I was so shocked; Indy was 1st with 494 points (WOW!!) and LC CAC. Indy had won the championship! I couldn't believe that Indy ran that much better in the finals and I still can't believe it, what an amazing day!

25.04.2016 - Weekend in Lithuania

Last weekend we travelled to Siauliai, Lithuania, and there were two national dog shows. Beside Indy I had another cirneco dell'etna with me; Trucker's Bad To The Bone "Nasse". Nasse's owner is Indy's co-owner Sanna Koponen, Sanna couldn't come with us so I promised to take Nasse with me. Nasse was the shining star of our weekend, he was BOB and BOB-junior with junior-CAC on both days. Nasse also finished his championships from the Baltic States and he is now EE & LV & LT & BALT JCH! And the cherry on the top was when Nasse was shortlisted among five best in the group finals on Saturday! What an amazing boy :) Thank you Sanna for trusting Nasse with us. Indy didn't get anything on Saturday, but on Sunday he got CAC and now Indy is brand new Lithuanian Champion! Somehow Sundays are better days for us :)

I also groomed standard poodle Trucker's Una Bella Donna "Unna" on both days. Unna is now also brand new Lithuanian Champion as she won CAC on both days. Well done Unna! Thank you for the great trip Marita!
16.04.2016 - Vaasa international show

This time we have wonderful news! Today at Vaasa international dog show Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" was BOS with CACIB and CAC. This means that Indy is now brand new Finnish, Swedish & Latvian Champion! I'm so proud of my big boy! He did super good job in the ring and judge Pedro Sanches Delerue from Portugal gave him really good critique. Go Indy!

02.04.2016 - Lahti international show

Today we participated in international show at Lahti, Finland. Indy was showing himself well, but judge Esa Ruotsalainen wished that Indy would be smaller and more elegant. So Indy got only Very Good from our show trip, otherwise his critique was perfect. Better luck next time :) It was very pleasing experience to visit this judge's ring and I'm sure I will bring my dogs to his ring in the future aswell.
21.03.2016 - Riga international shows

Last weekend I travelled to Riga (Latvia) with Indy and we participated in two international dog shows. On Saturday Indy was too tired after all the waiting to show the best of him and the judge would have anyway preferred smaller size so we didn't get any success from Saturday. On Sunday Indy felt better as he was the first dog in the ring so no waiting for him on Sunday. Indy ended up as Best Male 2nd with CAC and CACIB so we didn't have to go home with empty hands :) Thank you Milla and Bruno the PON for this lovely trip!
15.03.2016 - Indy 2 years old

07.03.2016 - New family member

We are proud to show you our new family member: cirneco dell'etna male Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen "Chili"!

Chili is almost 16 weeks old because he has been looking for the right home, he is something really special and unique. When Chili's litter was born my eye was always caught on little boy with light green collar. Later he was named Chili. I went to see the puppies twice without thinking I would someday get one of the puppies. But last Saturday we got an emergency message that Chili's brother had hurt himself so badly that Chili needed some place to stay while his brother recovers. So late in the Saturday evening we went to pick him up - just to take care of him for couple of weeks. But when Chili came it felt like he had always been with us and our older cirneco Indy was more than happy to have a friend just like him. So today we decided that he will stay with us. Welcome little Chili! :) Chili will have his own page soon.

The big red one and the small fawn one.
31.01.2016 - Parkano group show FCI 5 & 9

Today we travelled to Parkano and participated in group show with Indy and Ringo. No success for boys this time, but we got some valuable experience. It was also nice to spend time with poodle people after a long time :) Our next show will be in March, can't wait!
23.01.2016 - New layout

We have a new wonderful look on our website! Thank you Elina Alanen for your amazing work once again :)
16.01.2016 - Hall of Fame

The list for most winning cirneco dell'etnas in Finland has been published, aka The Hall of Fame.

Boxing Helena's Nascar is:
- 3rd best track racing dog 2015 (lost to 2nd best by one point, 7 starts with only certificate qualifying times)
- 9th best lure coursing dog 2015 (three competitions)
- 7th best show dog 2015 (shown very limitedly in Finland during 2015)

We also spent one dog show weekend in Sweden and Indy is 7th best male 2015 in Sweden, 10th best overall.

Very nice results from last year, can't wait to see what this year brings for us!
11.01.2016 - Two national shows at Tartu, Estonia

What a fantastic start for our year - new champion! Last year Miralyn English Lad "Ringo" made a little comeback to dog shows and he got his 2nd CAC from Estonia. So last weekend we travelled to Tartu and participated in two national shows there. On Sunday we didn't get anything from the ring but on Saturday Ringo was best male and finished his Estonian Champion -title! This title means so much to me and I'm so proud of Ringo, who shows himself with great carriage and lovely attitude. Ringo will be seen in the rings also in Finland this year.

BOS Miralyn English Lad & BOB Finnhit's Aira Samulin