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28.12.2017 - Greetings

Once again we've had an exciting year with our dogs and friends. This year I've been going with the flow, some must-go-to events, one ex tempore trip to Denmark, lots of well spent time with friends etc. Mostly things that make me happy.

This year started and ended with Chili's (Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen) health results and they all were perfect: knees 0/0, hips A/A, elbows 0/0, healthy spine and no murmurs in the heart. Healthy dog means so much to me, next year we will also check Chili's eyes.

Indy (Boxing Helena's Nascar) was shown only four times this year and this is what he got:
- 1 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 1 x CAC, 1 x CACIB
- Best In Show 3rd working dog at Finnish Sighthound Club Specialty Show
- Norwegian Champion
- Nordic Champion

Indy has also been running nicely this year. His best performance in lure coursing was at derby championships, a competition for dogs which turn 3 years old that year. On that day Indy’s concentration was on top level and his placement was 2nd with CAC. In track racing our main goal was the midsummer weekend at Oulu, where Indy was the winner of Juhannus Race 2017, won all of his starts and on top of that he made a new track record for 350m! Indy's running season looks like this:
- 9 starts on Track Racing: 8 x CAC, JR-17
- 4 starts on Lure Coursing: 1 x CAC
- 1 start on Pack Coursing
- new track record for 350m at Oulu
Indy is also 3rd Best Track Racing cirneco dell’etna in Finland.

Chili on the field by © Crista Svenn

Chili's show results were a lot better than I ever could have expected:
13 shows: 1 x BOB, 2 x BOS, 7 x CAC, 4 x CACIB
and four new titles:
- Finnish Champion
- Swedish Champion
- Danish Champion
- Nordic Champion

I was already over the moon in June when Indy became Nordic Champion, because he is my first dog to finish that title. But then in November Chili also got this title and it was such a remarkable moment for me. Chili finished his championships at the very first try after his 2nd birthday.

This year Chili’s only mission in lure coursing was to improve his self-esteem and confidence by doing what he loves so much – running after the lure. No big fancy winnings from six LC competitions but the benefits we achieved are still remarkable for us. During this running season I could see the continuous development in Chili, so I’m curious to see what happens next year. Chili's enthusiastic work on fields brought him the title of Lure Coursing Newcomer 2017 of The Sighthound Club of Pirkanmaa.

In June I had to say good bye to my dearest Finik (Trucker's Quil Pri Que) and I miss him so much. But it was time to let go and now I cherish all the memories.
In November we got Elmo (Cazador Grande Le Petit Espoir) and he has been making us laugh with his goofy temperament. Elmo has been really brave puppy and he found easily his place in our pack.

Ringo (Miralyn English Lad) and Rommi (Trucker’s No More Mr Nice Guy) have been enjoying their life as companion dogs and want as much attention as possible. They're the best mascots ever!

We have already some plans for next year, but now it's time to relax a bit. Thank you all for 2017, see you again next year!
21.12.2017 - Health results

Chili's back was x-rayed a week ago and today we got the official results from Finnish Kennel Club. The results are perfect, Chili has healthy spine:

LTV0 (normal)
SP0 (clear)
VA0 (normal)

20.12.2017 - Merry Christmas!

28.11.2017 - New champion and new family member

We've had a busy weekend and I'm thrilled to share these news! After finishing our running season we have been just chilling and relaxing. Last Friday we got some action when we picked up our new family member called Elmo. Elmo is petit bleu de gascogne male, whose both parents are imported from France, and this litter is the very first PBDG litter in Finland. In the future Elmo will be hunting rabbits and running in show rings.

© Cazador Grande

On Saturday and Sunday we had dog shows with Chili, national dog show on Saturday and IDS on Sunday. He had his 2nd birthday on Monday, so he had his first chance to became a champion during this weekend. I didn't feel so good going to these shows with Chili, because one month ago he started to change his coat and he is quite hairless at the moment. But the show was close to our home and I had of course already paid for it, so we went there. And fortunately I decided to go, because the judge liked Chili really much on Satuday's show and she placed him as 2nd best male with CAC. With this CAC Chili finished his Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Nordic Championships! :) On Sunday Chili got excellent with really nice critique. What a weekend!
20.11.2017 - Happy Birthday Chili!

07.10.2017 - Track racing at Helsinki

Week after lure coursing competition at Helsinki it was time to finish our track racing season and Indy's running season. Unfortunately it didn't go as I wished. Indy got great start and was leading the competition after first curve, but then our team mate tried to pass Indy too closely and Indy didn't like that, so he disturbed the other runner and got disqualified. I was in 7th heaven with Indy after his performance with three other males at Turku, where everything went so smoothly but you never know.
01.10.2017 - Lure coursing at Helsinki

Our lure coursing season and Chili's running season ended today at Helsinki. Chili has been recovering from the run-over in Finnish Lure Coursing Championships and I wasn't sure at all that he would run the course if he got some bad memories. In the preliminary run Chili got to run with his brother Nero (Trucker's Crash Boom Bang) and Chili was so excited that he cut some corners losing points. But he went to the finals with 200 points anyway. In the finals he did super good job and in the end Chili placed 2nd with 426 points.

© Inka Luomanmäki
10.09.2017 - Track racing at Tampere

Today in grey weather Indy participated in track racing competition at Tampere, where he ran in placement competition for 350m. Indy ran together with two ladies: Trucker's Bonfire Heart and Trucker's Capiche. Today Indy was faster than these ladies and he won the placement competition. His time was 28,19s, which is exactly the same as he got one year ago in this same competition :)
02.09.2017 - Turku-Cup 2017

Indy made me extra proud today when he participated in track racing competition, where there were only four males in the competition. I thought it would not be easy with this kind of a macho man, but how wrong was I. Indy did better job than ever, he didn't mind the other males and he didn't disturb other either. Indy ran beautifully from the start to the finish line. In both time-runs he was 2nd with CAC-qualifying times, go Indy!

27.08.2017 - Finnish Lure Coursing Championship

This year it was Chili's turn to participate into Finnish Lure Coursing Championships. Chili has had some break from running competitions so he was so excited to get to run again. In the preliminary run his excitement was little bit too much and he didn't concentrate on curves enough so he got 206 points. Unfortunately in the finals Chili was run over by his running partner and he got hurt so he gave up the running, so he got only 90 points from the finals. Not the best day for little Chili, because he got hurt so badly that he got two weeks sick leave from running.
26.08.2017 - Tervakoski national show

Last outdoor show for this summer and the weather didn't quite please us. Just before our ring it started to rain and cirnecos gave really clear opinion about that. Chili didn't really behave in the ring, but he got really nice critique though. No CQ this time for him. Indy performed like a dream and got really nice critique, but the judge said that he is too big and that's why no CQ today for him. Our excellent dogs were judged today by Marie Gadolin from Sweden.
23.08.2017 - Bornholm international dog shows

Last weekend I made a lovely and funny holiday trip to Bornholm with Chili. Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea so it was a whole new experience for us. Chili really hit the jackpot on our visit there. In two international shows Chili won BOS, CAC and CACIB on both days. He got also really nice critiques on both days, super Chili!

Sunday 20.8.2017: BOS Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen & BOB Trucker's Absolutely Fabulous
06.08.2017 - Valkeakoski national show

After Saturday's Specialty Show I travelled to Valkeakoski national show on Sunday again with both of my cirneco boys. In rainy weather Vladimir Cairovic from Serbia judged my boys with excellent results: Indy was Best Male and Chili was right behind him on 2nd place with CAC. Indy was also BOS today. It was a long weekend for all of us, but Indy and Chili did wonderful job in the show rings.

© Milla Toivanen
05.08.2017 - Finnish Sighthound Club's Specialty Show

Me and my cirneco boys spent nice Saturday at Helsinki in the annual Finnish Sighthound Club's Specialty Show. There were 11 cirnecos in total and out ouf 6 males my boys placed 2nd (Indy) and 4th (Chili) in Best Male-competition. Indy was also BOB-working class dog and Chili got res-CAC, both got really nice critiques.

In Specialty Show there is also BIS-working class competition so I had a chance to stay in the finals with Indy. And I'm extremely happy that we stayed because Indy finished our nice day by placing BIS3-working class, wow!! Breed was judged by Juan Carlos Vasconsellos from Paraguay and BIS-working class by Catarina O. De Castro from Portugal.

© Milla Toivanen
29.07.2017 - Pori international show

Lovely sunny day with dear friends at Pori, where Chili participated in international dog show. Under judge Cathy Delmar from Ireland Chili was 2nd Best Male with CAC and res-CACIB, which will turn into CACIB. So we got exactly what we wanted, yes!

Indy's beautiful daughter Trucker's Dame'Etna was in her very first show at the age of 9 months and she performed like a true princess. Ella was BOS with CAC and got great critique from the judge. Go Ella! Ella is owned by her breeder Sanna Koponen.

Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen & Trucker's Dame'Etna
23.07.2017 - Heinola lure coursing

Lure coursing competition at Heinola was organized at sand mine, so of course we were also there because usually these competitions are on fields. Sand is not easy platform for dogs to run, because the sand can be soft and dogs' legs sink in it. However, this competition had total of 17 cirnecos, must be a world record! This was a special competition because you could enter dogs as pairs to the competition. Chili had his half-sister Trucker's Bonfire Heart "Hertta" running with him and Indy didn't have a signed pair. Both of our boys went to the finals with exact same amount of points from the preliminary run so they were holding the 9th place together. In the finals Indy was again hunting the lure and lost points getting the worst total result of his running career, only 398 points in total and 10th place. Chili didn't get much points from the finals either and his placement was 8th with 403 points. But the judges were really tough today because only one(!) cirneco out of these 17 cirnecos got enough points for the CAC.
20.07.2017 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

15.07.2017 - Jumesniemi INT lure coursing

  Today it was time for our annual home lure coursing competition, where both of our cirneco dell'etnas were running. Chili has had some break from lure coursing because we've had some special competitions with Indy and then we had our 1,5 week long vacation in the Northern Norway and Finland. Chili has been practising track racing in the meantime, but we still have quite a lot of work to do with that hobby. But we have lots of time so we will take it easy.

Now Chili is back in business with lure coursing and I must say that he is one tough and persistent kid. Chili was running with much faster and little bit bigger male, but he worked really well on the field. Already after the preliminary run I was SO proud of Chili, because his running looked so much better than earlier on this season. He has really grown up during this season and will continue developing in the future, I'm sure of that. In this competition males and females were running separately because there were 6 males and 6 females. After the preliminary run Indy was clearly holding the 1st place of males and Chili was on 3rd place.

In the finals Indy decided that the preliminary run was a warm up for him and he was really hunting the lure. He catched the lure twice by running in front of it and lost many points because of that. Chili did nice job also in the finals and followed the lure correctly. In the end Chili was winner of males with 448 points, so only two points from CAC. Indy became 4th with only 402 points because of his performance in the finals, but he sure did have some fun today :)
09.07.2017 - Karjaa national show

Today it was time for Karjaa national show and our Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen showed himself under judge Branislav Rajic from Slovenia. The long waiting before the ring made Chili a bit energetic, but the judge was really nice and even spoke some Finnish words to Chili :) But the judge thought that Chili needs to develop a bit more so today he got excellent from the judge and nothing more.
24.06.2017 - Juhannus Race 2017

After our trip to Tromsø we travelled to Oulu and spent our midsummer there. On Friday 23th we participated in Juhannus Race 2017, where Indy ran twice the 280m course. At the end of the day Indy was crowned as the winner of Juhannus Race 2017!

© Juhani Kujansuu

On Saturday 24th we had placement competitions for 280m and 350m courses. On 280m Indy made his own personal record, but on 350m he even made the new track record! This was Indy's first track record and I'm so proud of him.
18.06.2017 - Tromsø international show

We travelled all the way to Tromsø, Norway, and participated in international dog show there. We had a change of judge, weather was too cold and rainy for cirnechi and our ring was at the same time as the poodle ring where I was supposed to be handling one poodle. But that's how it goes sometimes. I had both of my boys with me and Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen got excellent from intermediate class, still needs to develop more. Boxing Helena's Nascar was the star of the day by winning BOB with CAC and CACIB. Indy's CAC made him brand new Norwegian and Nordic Champion! Because of the rain we didn't stay for group finals, but we decided to explore the northern Norway a bit more :)
10.06.2017 - Hämeenlinna group show

Today our Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen showed himself under judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki from Finland. The show was a group show for FCI 1 & 4/5 at Hämeenlinna. Chili was quite active and long waiting made him even more energetic. In the ring his performance was quite nice, but the judge thought that Chili's front was still unstable and needs to develop more, so today Chili got only "very good". But his critique was quite specific and in my opinion one of his best. So not a bad show day, even the sun was shining nicely!
02.06.2017 - In memoriam

And I'd choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I'd find you and
I'd choose you.

Dearest of them all, dog of my life, Finik. It was time to keep my promise and let him go when living wasn't easy anymore. With heavy hearts and tears in my eyes, I say farewell my dear friend <3

29.05.2017 - Weekend at Inkoo

Last weekend we participated in lure coursing and pack coursing competitions with Boxing Helena's Nascar aka Indy. On Saturday we had derby lure coursing championships, derby is a competition for dogs, which have their 3rd birthday on that year, just like Indy has. Indy was showing his best performance and the course was like made for him. He got good points from both preliminary and final course and in the end Indy was on 2nd place with 477 points and CAC. Just great! :)

On Sunday it was time for pack coursing. Indy was running together with cirneco females Tulimaan Mia Milanca and Trucker's Bonfire Heart. Unfortunately we got only 143 points from the preliminary run and didn't have a chance to run in the finals. Indy was too fast and powerful compared to those two girls so our pack wasn't even enough and they didn't work well enough together. But we had lots of fun anyway :)
25.05.2017 - Tampere track racing

This week we started our track racing season and we had also our first competition at Tampere. Boxing Helena's Nascar participated in 280m placement competition with cirneco girls Trucker's Bonfire Heart and Flightmaster Unique Haze. As Indy is much bigger than these girls, he was clear winner of this placement competition. Indy's time was 23,01s and he got also CAC. We had really nice day :)

13.05.2017 - Suomi-CUP 2017

Suomi-CUP is a lure coursing competition, where the participants are invited to based on their success on last year's running season. So only the best of the best compete in this competition. Boxing Helena's Nascar aka Indy had the honour to be last year's 2nd top winning LC cirneco and also best male, so we got the invitation to this competition. I thought that this might be once in a lifetime experience so of course I travelled with Indy to this competition. This year it was organized at Laihia.

This was also Indy's first competition on this season and he was full of energy of course. Even though the course was quite suitable for Indy, his energetic performance got him into some trouble. In the finals he even ran straight to the lure and he fell to the ground, but fortunately he managed to get up and continue running. After all Indy finished our day by winning bronze with 417 points.

12.05.2017 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

06.05.2017 - SIC Lure Coursing Championship

Today we were at Keuruu and participated in the lure coursing championship of our breed club SIC in Finland. The course was specially designed for small dogs and it showed well, so I'm glad that we had only Chili running, because Indy is even bigger sized than Chili. We had also poodles with us and they were so happy to come with us. They are little momma's boys so they are happy when they can be with me.

Chili had so much fun running today. In the preliminary run he was running with his brother Nero (Trucker's Crash Boom Bang) and when the lure stopped, brothers had so much fun playing together that it took a while to catch them, especially Chili.. After preliminary run Chili had 205 points and he was holding the last place. In the finals Chili ran with his half-brother Nasse (Trucker's Bad To The Bone) and they run nicely together. At the end of the day Chili had 419 points in total and he was 7th out of 8 cirnechi. Now Chili is going to have a little break because it's Indy's turn to run in special competitions. I hope that the track racing season starts soon so we can run also at the track with both of our boys :)

Chili running in red vest. © Sirpa Lihavainen
01.05.2017 - Lahti group show FCI 5/6 & 7/8

  I spent lovely sunny day with Chili at Lahti, where we participated in group show for FCI5/6 & 7/8. It was so nice to have finally some sunshine, because just yesterday it was all white outside. Nowadays it's not uncommon to have snow at this time of the year in Finland, but it's really annoying, because I think spring and snow doesn't belong together.

But like I said, today we got some sunshine in the honor of 1st of May! Chili was full of energy again and it's just great, because it's easier to learn patience than trying to cheer up the dog all the time. Our day was also full of success beside sunshine: Chili won today his 2nd CAC from Finland when he was Best Of Breed under judge Pekka Teini from Finland. We are so happy! :)

After few days it's time for some lure coursing again. Indy still has to wait for his turn to compete, because this competition is for Chili. Can't wait!
25.03.2017 - Lahti IDS

Hot news from international dog show at Lahti! Judge Ann Roth (USA) had 12 cirnechi in her ring and 16-month-old Chili won intermediate class with excellent and CQ, placed 2nd Best Male and won his first CAC from Finland. Chili got also res-CACIB which will turn into CACIB, it's his first one! What a perfect day for us! We've had some problems after the little accident last November but Chili has got his confidence back now. He was behaving little bit too energetic but that's the way he is, so it's good news :)

Chili got also very nice critique:
"Overall correct proportions. Very good topline. Good earset and carriage. Proper spingy gait. Good tail set and carriage. Excellent muscle tone and condition."
15.03.2017 - Happy Birthday Indy!

11.03.2017 - Kouvola lure coursing

Finally it was time for Chili's first lure coursing competition and I was so nervous, scared and excited at the same time. Chili is quite special little boy and I wasn't sure how he would run or would he run at all. But Chili surprised me totally when he was really trying to go after the lure at the start. In the preliminary he run with cirneco female and in the finals he had a chance to run with his brother Nero (Trucker's Crash Boom Bang). Nero is much bigger and stronger than Chili so he ran much faster than Chili and Chili lost the lure when he was left behind. I was afraid that he would give up but luckily Chili is tough little cirneco and he ran to the end of course with no problem. In the end Chili's placement was 8th our of 11 cirnecos with 350 points. So nothing to brag about there but I'm sooo proud of Chili anyway, because we got exactly what we were looking for - experience! :) Indy had a chance to run as test dog for the final course and he had so much fun running after long break.

Chili pictured at our LC practise by © Jooel Ranta
27.01.2017 - Health results

Finally we got the official hip and elbow results from Finnish Kennel Club and they are just perfect!

Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0

© Elisa Ahokas
14.01.2017 - Health results

Happy New year everybody! We started this year with some health tests and the results are great :) Official hip and elbow results we still have to wait from Finnish Kennel Club.

Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen
Knees: 0/0
Heart: no murmurs