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26.12.2018 - Greetings

One amazing year is over and it's time to look back. This year has been full of great moments with friends - new and old.

This year Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" wasn't in dog shows at all, but he participated in two lure coursing competitions and two track racing competitions. From lure coursing Indy got one CAC and from track racing he got two CACs. Beside running Indy sired one litter, which was born in Norway. Mother of the litter was really sweet Trucker's Brown Sugar "Ronja", export from Finland. In the litter there were 2 males and 4 females. Indy was also health tested again and his eyes, knees and heart were still ok.

Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen "Chili" finished his championships in Nordic countries last year, so this year we travelled to Baltic countries to finish his championships there and tried to also get the last CACIB for international championships. From 7 shows Chili got:
- 3 x BOB, 3 x 2nd best male
- 4 x CAC
- 5 x CACIB, 1 x res-CACIB
and also some titles:
- Estonian Champion
- Latvian Champion
- Lithuanian Champion
- Baltic Champion
- Champion International de Beauté
- Champion International d'Exposition

So Chili achieved everything I was hoping for :) Chili participated in five lure coursing competitions on this season and he did his best and was having lots of fun. Chili's best result was 5th place with his very first CAC at Nordic Lure Cousing Championships. Chili was also health tested in the spring with perfect result for his eyes, knees and heart.

Elmo BIS4 - a day to remember. © Mirva Kääriäinen

In the spring it was Elmo's turn to participate in dog shows and his success has totally surprised me. I'm so proud of this blue boy!
- 3 times in puppy class: 1 x BOB-puppy, 1 x BOS-puppy
- 9 times in junior class: 7 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 8 x CAC, 1 x NORD CAC
- Best In Show 3rd Junior at Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show 2018
- Best In Show 4th at Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show 2018
- Best In Group 3rd (FCI groups 4 and 6 together)
and four new titles:
- Helsinki Junior Winner 2018
- Helsinki Winner 2018
- Finnish Junior Winner 2018
- Finnish Winner 2018

Elmo has also started to go hunting with Janne and Elmo really loves to use his nose. Elmo has been a great addition to our team and I really don't know what I would do without him, because he has became kind of my therapy dog. All my dogs bring me lots of joy, but Elmo is a bit more special when it comes to this. And of course Elmo has given us lots of new friends :)

This was our year and we have already lots of plans for the next year. Thank you all for 2018, see you again next year!

23.12.2018 - Merry Christmas!

16.12.2018 - Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner 2018

Finally it was time for the biggest shows in Finland; Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner 2018. Elmo was participating on both days and what a weekend we had. On Saturday in NORD show there were 5 bleus in the ring under judge Pekka Teini from Finland. Elmo was BOS and got his first titles: Helsinki Junior Winner 2018 and Helsinki Winner 2018. BOB was Elmo's dear mother Eleta. We got also BOB-breeder with Cazador Grande and we showed the class also in the group finals.

On Sunday in IDS show our judge was Martin Johansson from Sweden and this time there were only Elmo and his sister Hertta (CG La Petite Amante) in the ring. Elmo was BOB and Hertta BOS, both got two new titles: Finnish Junior Winner 2018 and Finnish Winner 2018! After this super long weekend we were so tired that we didn't stay to group finals with Elmo. Thank you all for the great weekend, it was unforgettable!

© Mirva Kääriäinen

06.12.2018 - Tampere group show

Today we celebrated the Finnish Independence Day by participating into group show at Tampere. The show place was a horse riding center, so it was quite cold there in December (as you can see from the picture). Luckily our results kept us warm and happy :) Under judge Sakari Poti from Finland Elmo was Best of Breed with CAC. Elmo's two sisters were also shown today: Hertta (CG La Petite Amante) was BOS with CAC and Mimmi (CG La Petite Myrtille) was 2nd best bitch with res-CAC. Unfortunately Elmo's brother couldn't participate today so we didn't have a chance to show the breeders class for Cazador Grande. But hopefully you will see us next week in the biggest show in Finland, I can't wait! :)

© Mirva Kääriäinen

20.11.2018 - Happy Birthday Chili!

My spicy little Chili is 3 years old now, happy birthday!
11.11.2018 - Jyväskylä NORD & IDS

Finally we had a chance to participate into this new dog show type in Nordic countries, NORD dog show, at Jyväskylä. In NORD dog show your dog can get both NORD CAC and national CAC. Well, this time we didn't get anything, because Elmo needs to mature more :) The judge Hans Almgren from Sweden liked Elmo a lot though. On Sunday it was time for international dog show and there our judge was basset hound breeder Jose Homem de Mello from Portugal. Elmo was BOB with CAC and his sister Hertta (CG La Petite Amante) was BOS with CAC. In the group finals we had the same judge and Elmo was in the TOP6, wow! I am so proud of Elmo, this was his first long show weekend and he did great! :)

27.10.2018 - Seinäjoki IDS

Elmo showed himself beautifully for hunting dog specialist Aila Lehmussaari (Finland) at Seinäjoki international dog show. The judge liked Elmo and placed him BOB with CAC. In the group finals Elmo was already a bit tired and dind't want to stand still, but he did nice job anyway. No placement from the finals, but we got some great experience :)

© Elisa Ahokas

28.09.2018 - Happy Birthday Elmo!

Our wild boy Elmo is now 1 year old, happy birthday funny little bleu!
23.09.2018 - Hyvinkää group show for FCI 1 & 4/6

What a day!! Today at Hyvinkää our Elmo the bleu was rocking the ring. Under judge Eli-Marie Klepp from Norway Elmo was BOB with CAC, while his sister Hertta (CG La Petite Amante) was BOS with CAC. In the group finals there were both FCI 4 & 6 at the same time in the ring and under judge Marja Talvitie from Finland Elmo placed 3rd in the group! Elmo is my first dog to place in the group finals, so this was a dream come true.

We also showed the Cazador Grande -breeders class and it was BOB-breeder with such lovely words from our breed judge, she really liked our blue hounds even though they are still just 11 months old. In the BIS-ring judge Helin Tenson from Finland gave us the red rosette so we won BEST IN SHOW BREEDER! There really are no words to describe how honoured and grateful we all were feeling. With this kind of unknown breed it's not easy to catch the judges' eyes, but we did it today! :)

© Mirva Kääriäinen

16.09.2018 - Lure coursing at Mustiala

Cirneco people in Finland are really active and today we were making history again. 26 cirnechi participated in lure coursing competition at Mustiala, wow!! Our both cirneco boys were also there and this competition was a little bit special, because you could enter dogs as running partners (normally pairs are drawn). Indy was running with her daughter Ella (Trucker's Dame'Etna) and Chili had his sister Chica (Trucker's Chiquitita) as his pair. Indy left Ella far behind in the preliminary run with his speed and unfortunately Ella didn't get enough points for the finals. Indy did great in the preliminary run, but in the finals he was running with full speed again and he cut some corners quite radically. So Indy's placement today was 17/26 with 423 points. Chili did quite nice job in preliminary and final run, but Chica was clearly better than Chili. Chili's placement today was 15/26 with 439 points, so overall I'm really happy with our results because there were so many dogs :) This was also our final competition of this running season, so now it's time to rest.
13.09.2018 - Puppy news

Our Indy (Boxing Helena's Nascar) has become father to another litter. 2 males and 4 females were born today in Norway. Mother of this litter is lovely girl called Ronja (Trucker's Brown Sugar, exported from Finland). We wish all the best for the puppies and can't wait to see them grow up!

© Trond Halvorsen

08.09.2018 - Tampere track racing

Our cirneco friend Hertta (Trucker's Bonfire Heart) needed a running partner to track racing competition at Tampere, so Indy had his 2nd track racing competition for this year. They ran in 280m placement competition and Indy won with CAC, though the time was his worst on 280m. But Indy had so much fun today, that's the most important thing :)

© Jari Hänninen

18.08.2018 - Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show 2018

Our highlight of August was the annual Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show at Tampere and there were 8 bleus in the ring; 7 juniors from Cazador Grande and the lovely Eleta-mother of these 7 youngsters. I was waiting for the same kind of energetic behaviour from Elmo as he was showing in our last show, but Elmo surprised me totally. He showed himself with such pride and calmness, that I couldn't believe it! Elmo gave his best and the judge Elisabeth Moseby from Norway really liked him. In the end Elmo was BOB and BOB-junior with CAC and his sister Hertta (Cazador Grande La Petite Amante) was BOS with the title of Best Head. Elmo participated in the Cazador Grande breeder's group and we got BOB-breeder today. Elmo was also in Eleta's progeny class, which was BOB. Elmo's father was also there showing his progeny class and participating into the BIS home dog-competition, where Nemo was BIS, go daddy! :)

BIS-junior was judged by Wenche Skogli from Norway and Elmo did great job also there. Elmo was following his mother's footsteps, because just like Eleta at 2015, Elmo placed today BIS3-junior. Super!

In the group finals we showed first the breeder's group and to our big surprise Cazador Grande was BIS-breeder! I am so happy for our awesome breeders Mirva and Terhi, congratulations ladies! After this we continued to show Eleta's progeny class and it was also BIS! I still get goosebumps when I'm just thinking our super results and feelings in the finals.

In the end it was time for Best In Show. In the BIS-ring there were 10 dogs and Elmo was one of them. BIS was judged by Elisabeth Moseby and I couldn't believe my ears when Elmo was announced as Best In Show 4! We got so lovely comments from the judge and I'm so honoured from this recognition, it's not always so easy to gain success with a rare breed. Big thank you for everyone for this day, it was amazing!

Cazador Grande Le Petit Espoir BIS 4
29.07.2018 - Pori IDS

Finally it was time to take Elmo to his first official show as he is now 10 months old. Elmo's performance wasn't the most beautiful today, because he had so much energy, but the judge liked him anyway. Our judge today was Riitta Lahtovaara from Finland and she placed Elmo Best of Breed with his first CAC. The critique was very nice, even though the judge wrote that Elmo is behaving like a puppy. Well I think he still is like a puppy :)

20.07.2018 - Happy Birthday Rommi!

Rommi is now 8 years old, a veteran! Doesn't feel like it at all. Happy birthday dear Rommi!
14.07.2018 - Nordic lure coursing championship

Today we participated in Nordic lure coursing championships, which was also our kennel district's championship competition. There were 18 cirnecos in total in the competition so the day was going to be exciting and it surely was that.

The first course was quite technical and four cirnecos lost the lure in the preliminary run. Chili did great job and went to the finals from 6th place after preliminary run. The weather was extremely hot and as I failed to take good enough care of Chili in our last competition, I was extra careful now. And it worked! Chili was flying in the finals and having so much fun. In the end Chili placed 5th out of 18 cirnecos, got 456 points and earned his first LC CAC! Chili was also best cirneco male in the competition and he won the kennel district championship of Pohjois-Häme, wow wow wow!

And just as this wouldn't have been enough, there were also two other Trucker's cirnecos in the TOP6 on the podium. Our Indy's (Boxing Helena's Nascar) daughter Trucker's Dyna-Mite "Miina" was in her first lure coursing competition ever and she got silver in this competition with LC CAC, what a start for her running career! Miina's sister Trucker's Dame'Etna "Ella" did even better and won the whole competition! So Ella is now Nordic Lure Coursing Champion 2018. Indy can be so proud of his daughters. Hip hip hooray, what a day! :D
09.07.2018 - 2 x Pärnu IDS

Last weekend I travelled with Chili to Pärnu, Estonia, where we participated in two international dog shows with amazing results. On Saturday our judge was Yevgenia Tolpina from Ukraine and Chili was BOB with CAC and CACIB. With this CAC Chili finished his Estonian & Baltic Championships, and with this CACIB Chili became CIB* and CIE*! Chili continued his success on Sunday as he was again BOB with CACIB under judge Iuza Beradze from Czech Republic. Now we can put Chili's show leash away for a while and concentrate on track racing and lure coursing :)

*need confirmation

In the picture BOB Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen "Chili" and BOB-puppy Flightmaster Now And Forever "Säde", thank you for the picture Meeli Eismann! Säde's father is Chili's half-brother :)

10.06.2018 - Vihti lure coursing

Both of our cirneco boys participated in lure coursing competition at Vihti, where they had a chance to run at sand mine. Boxing Helena's Nascar aka Indy took smashing start for his competition as he placed 1st after preliminary run with 239 points. Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen aka Chili placed 4th with 226 points so both boys went to the finals. The hot weather and long day was a bit too much for Chili and he didn't have enough power in the finals, so Chili finished his day with 431 points in total and 5th place out of 7 cirnecos. Indy has been hunting the lure like a crazy in the finals lately and I guess he did it again, because he didn't get much points from the finals as his total was 456 points and he dropped to the 4th place. They both had so much fun today and that's what matters the most :)

27.05.2018 - Helsinki puppy show

Time to say good bye to puppy classes as today it was Elmo's last show in puppy class at Helsinki. The judge Helin Tenson liked more from Elmo's brothers, which are more heavy build than Elmo. So Elmo was 3rd in his class after his two brothers and got really nice critique. Elmo participated also in the Cazador Grande breeder's class and they were BOB-breeder, no placement in the BIS-competition this time. Lovely sunny Sunday well spent with nice people and great food, thank you all! :)
26.05.2018 - Derby lure coursing championships

This year it was Chili's turn to participate in derby lure coursing championships as Chili has his 3rd birthday this year. This year's competition was organized at sand mine, and due to some technical problems and lots of dogs, the day was going to be really long. The sand was also really hot in the afternoon, so the main judge made a decision that we wouldn't be running the finals at all. Based on the preliminary run's points Chili placed 3rd! :) I'm really proud of him, this course was really hard to run because of all the soft sand.

20.05.2018 - Tampere track racing

Indy opened his running season with traditional track racing competition at Tampere, our home course. Indy had a chance to run with lovely Hertta (Trucker's Bonfire Heart) for 280m. Indy won the competition with CQ-time 23,17s. Well done Indy!

12.05.2018 - Suomi-CUP 2018

Suomi-CUP is a lure coursing competition, where the participants are invited to based on their success on last year's running season. So only the best of the best compete in this competition. This year Chili had the honour to participate into this competition from the 9th place out of 36 cirnechi.

Chili ran the preliminary run with his half brother Nasse (Trucker's Bad To The Bone) and Chili couldn't quite keep up with Nasse, but he did his best anyway. In the finals Chili improved his performance and in the end he placed 7/8 with 418 points. Quite nice opening of our running season :) Next weekend it's Indy's turn to run.
12.05.2018 - Happy Birthday Ringo!

Ringo has always been the perfect 10, but now he is also 10 years old :) Happy birthday dear Ringo!
21.04.2018 - Helsinki puppy show

While I was spending the weekend elsewhere, Janne took Elmo to a puppy show at Helsinki. From five puppies Elmo was BOS-puppy to her sister Hertta (Cazador Grande La Petite Amante), who was later also BIS3-puppy, wow!! Elmo participated again to the CG breeder's class and today their placement was BIS-breeder! What a day for our petit bleus! Elmo was beautifully handled by Karoliina Alatalo, thank you Karo! I'm sure you two will be seen again in the rings in the future ;)

© Mirva Kääriäinen

15.04.2018 - Tallinn Winner 2018

What a lovely and sunny weekend we spent together with Chili at Tallinn, where we participated in Tallinn Winner 2018 -show. There was great amount of cirnecos, 7 in total. Chili has started to "hunt" the last CACIB for his CIB- and CIE-titles and this was our first try. Chili got great critique and was showing himself beautifully, but at the end he was placed Best Male 2nd with res-CACIB. So close! The hunt goes on :)

25.03.2018 - Jyväskylä puppy show

Elmo got a chance to see his siblings when we participated in puppy show at Jyväskylä. With Elmo there were one brother and two sisters, so we had a chance to make some history when we represented the very first petit bleu de gascogne breeder's class in Finland :) Elmo was BOB-puppy and didn't get any placement from the group ring, but our breeder's class placed BIS2 at the end of the day, wow! Thank you all for the funny day with these lovely bleu puppies!

18.03.2018 - Riga international dog shows

Chili keeps rocking the rings! We travelled to Riga, Latvia, and participated in two international shows. I had also Indy's daughter Ella (Trucker's Dame'Etna) travelling with us, Ella's owner is her (and Chili's) breeder Sanna. On Saturday we didn't get any success, but on Sunday we got really nice results. Chili was BOB with CAC and CACIB and became Latvian Champion. Ella placed 2nd best bitch with junior-CAC and finished her Latvian and Baltic Junior Championships, yes!

Brand new Latvian Champion and brand new Latvian & Baltic Junior Champion
15.03.2018 - Happy Birthday Indy!

Indy celebrates his 4th birthday, happy birthday!
10.03.2018 - Health results

Today we did some health checks with our cirneco boys and the results were just great!

Boxing Helena's Nascar:
Eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patellar luxation: 0/0
Heart: no murmurs

Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen:
Eyes: no symptoms of inherited eye diseases
Patellar luxation: 0/0
Heart: no murmurs

I'm extremely happy with these results :)
28.01.2018 - Kaunas international dog shows

This year's first event was a weekend at Kaunas, Lithuania, where we participated in two international dog shows. I travelled there with Chili and we got exactly what we wanted. On both days Chili was the winner of champion class, got CAC and CACIB, and on top of that he finished his Lithuanian Championship! What a nice way to start this year :)