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31.12.2019 - 2019 in review

Year 2019 is now over and at the same time one decade ends. I'm ready to see what the next 10 years will bring to us :) But first let's look back what happened in 2019.

This year Boxing Helena's Nascar "Indy" didn't participate in any competitions, no shows and no running. Well some running of course, but only for fun :) But Indy's daughters in Finland have been successful this year too and we are so proud of them and happy for their owners! Indy's offsprings in Norway are just starting their hobbies and we hope they will have a bright future too.

Last day of May my heart broke into million pieces when Trucker's Chili Con Cobonen "Chili" was diagnosed with bone tumor in his front leg. He was so young that all the memories we had made together are still so fresh that they are constantly reminding me of Chili and it's so painful. It's like a wound that keeps opening again and again. I know time will heal the wound eventually, but right now it's still very painful. Today I finally put Chili's lure coursing licence book and passport to the "archive". And again it's so painful to realise that Chili doesn't need them anymore. I really miss Chili.

Cazador Grande Le Petit Espoir "Elmo" had another smashing show year and from 11 shows he got:
- 9 x BOB, 1 x 2nd Best Male
- 9 x CAC, 3 x NORD CAC, 1 x res-CAC
- 4 x CACIB, 1 x res-CACIB
- Finnish Champion

Elmo was BOB in Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show 2019 second year in a row and was also awarded with the title of Best Head in the breed. Elmo was also health tested and he has healthy hips and elbows, yay! What a nice year for Elmo :)

In July we got a new addition to our family when Paladin Des Gorges De Ciara "Sisu" flew to Finland from France. Sisu came to bring us joy after Chili's death, which really made Elmo sad. Now Elmo and Sisu are best friends and so happy together. And I am happy when my dogs are happy :)

Sisu participated in one puppy show this year and he was BOB-puppy and placed 4th in the group, what a boy he is! Sisu will be seen again in the show rings later.

So this year brought us tears of happiness and tears of sorrow. Thank you all for 2019, let's hope next year will bring us more happiness than last year!
21.12.2019 - Merry Christmas!

09.11.2019 - Jyväskylä NORD

Elmo's last dog show of 2019 was NORD dog show at Jyväskylä and it was Elmo's first show in open class after his 2nd birthday. It was also Elmo's last show in open class because he was BOB with CAC and NORD CAC, which means that is he now FINNISH CHAMPION! Our judge was Riitta Lahtovaara, who has awarded also the first CAC for Elmo. It was nice to notice that the judge still liked Elmo and saw the development in him.

© Elisa Ahokas
27.10.2019 - Lahti puppy show

Sisu's first dog show was Lahti puppy show where he got to meet also his half-sister Ebba (Pegasus Des Gorges De Ciara) for the first time after they moved to Finland. This was Sisu's first dog show but also the first time he was in a show leash so his performance was quite jumpy and excited :) The judge Tarja Kolkka was thrilled to meet Sisu and she started Sisu's critique by saying that he is very high quality and promising puppy. But I was still a bit surprised when Sisu was BOB-puppy and Ebba was BOS.

We stayed to group finals with Sisu to get more practise and as you can see from the picture, Sisu was still having so much fun in the ring :) But he was also running nicely in the ring and in the end Sisu placed Best In Group 4th, wow! What a nice day with amazing results, I'm so proud of Sisu!

© Julia Suuriniemi / j.suu foto
23.10.2019 - Health results

Last weekend Elmo's hips and elbows were x-rayed and today we got the official results from our Finnish Kennel Club:

Hips: B/A
Elbows: 0/0

I am more than happy with these results :) Healthy hunting dog, what more could you ask for?

28.09.2019 - Elmo 2 years old

01.09.2019 - Riihimäki NORD & IDS

Elmo participated in two dog shows just before his hunting season starts. Elmo got excellent critiques and was Best of Breed on both days winning also CAC and NORD CAC on Saturday and CAC and CACIB on Sunday. Well done Elmo!

Elmo was a already a bit tired on Sunday and didn't really want to pose with his rosettes...
27.07.2019 - Pori IDS

Today we participated in international dog show at Pori under well known judge Marja Talvitie from Finland. The day was really sunny and hot, but Elmo did great job in the ring and he was BOB with CAC and CACIB, yay! We also stayed to the group finals but no success this time :)

20.07.2019 - Show and puppy news

This morning I participated to national dog show at Hyvinkää with Elmo. Our judge was Moa Persson from Sweden and she really liked Elmo's outlines, but told us that he still needs to mature more just like he does. So today Elmo got excellent without CQ.

After the show I drove to Elmo's breeder Mirva to pick up one very special souvenir from France :) They had imported two petit bleu de gascogne puppies just the night before and one of them was ours. This little boy is called Sisu and he is officially Paladin Des Gorges De Ciara, he will have his own info page soon. In the picture is also Sisu's half-sister Ebba, officially Pegasus Des Gorges De Ciara.

My biggest and warmest thank you goes to Mirva, Terhi and Teppo for all your hard work when getting these two special babies here all the way from France. You made my dream come true and I'm forever grateful for that. I'm also truly honoured with this opportunity, so thank you Sisu's breeder Damien Debrosse for letting us have him.
20.07.2019 - Rommi 9 years old

31.05.2019 - In Memoriam

There are no words left, only heartbreaking sorrow. Chili had bone tumor in his front leg and I had to let him go. Now there's no more pain, run wild and free my little friend <3

12.05.2019 - Ringo 11 years old

06.05.2019 - Tampere NORD & IDS

Finally it was time for our "home show" as it was only 30 minutes drive from our home. On Saturday's NORD dog show our judge was Pirjo Aaltonen from Finland and Elmo did great job in the ring. With beautiful critique Elmo was Best of Breed with CAC and NORD CAC. On Sunday Elmo continued his success when he was BOB with CAC and CACIB under judge Arnstein Hagen from Norway. What a weekend for our young bleu! :)

29.04.2019 - Show weekend with Elmo

Last weekend was all about dog shows with Elmo, who is now 19 months old. On Saturday we participated in annual Finnish Basset Club's Speciality Show 2019 at Hämeenlinna. Our breed judge was Tuula Savolainen from Finland and out of 6 bleus Elmo was BOB second year in a row! I think my face was quite priceless when I realized that Elmo did it again. Elmo got also the title of Best Head. BOS was Elmo's sister Mimmi (CG La Petit Myrtille), who won also her first CAC!

Elmo participated again in Eleta-mother's progeny class, which was BIS3 at the end of the day. We were also part of Cazador Grande breeder's group and we placed BIS4! Elmo was beautifully handled by Heidi Alatalo in the BIS-final without placement. Thank you Heidi for handling Elmo! :)

BIS-judge Phil Freer, Heidi and Elmo. Photo © Hansu Hyttinen

On Sunday we travelled to Ruovesi, where we participated in group show for FCI 1 & 4/6. Our judge was Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa from Finland and with great critique she placed Elmo BOB. So 2 x Best Of Breed and 2 x CAC during one weekend, what a nice success for our young Elmo, couldn't be happier :)
31.03.2019 - Lahti IDS

Our second show for this year was Lahti international dog show and after long show break Elmo was full of energy. His performance was quite messy, but he sure had fun today :) Elmo's placement today was 2nd Best Male with res-CAC and res-CACIB under judge Pekka Teini from Finland. Best male and BOB was Elmo's handsome brother Kettu (CG Le Petit Amour) and BOS Hertta-sister (CG La Petite Amante).

24.03.2019 - Elmo is #1!

Today I opened a nice letter from Finnish Basset Club: Elmo is the top winning petit bleu de gascogne 2018 in Finland! :) This is truly an amazing achievement for us and I am so thankful for all the judges that have liked Elmo as much as I do. Biggest thank you goes to Elmo's breeders for trusting him with us and always being there for us. There has never been a dull moment with these lovely ladies, thank you Mirva and Terhi! :)

15.03.2019 - Indy 5 years old

19.01.2019 - Turku international dog shows

Elmo is now old enough to participate into intermediate class and so we travelled to Turku IDS. Our trip was successful as Elmo was Best Of Breed, got CAC and his very first CACIB, yay! Our judge today was Taina Nygård from Finland and she really liked Elmo's noble head. Elmo showed himself also in the group finals but didn't get any success there. Driving home in horrible snow blizzard was quite interesting, but I was so happy after our show day that it didn't matter that much :)

Elmo with Karoliina Alatalo, thanks Karo for training with Elmo!