I'm Paula Virta from Tottijärvi (Nokia), Finland. At this moment I'm a design assistant (technical drafter) in an engineering office. We live outside the big city in our own house in the middle of beautiful nature.

I was born on 1988 and since 1996 I have been interested in dogs. That was the year when I got my first experience with dogs and luckily that was also my first touch to the world of poodles. It all started when my aunt's family got an apricot medium size poodle male. This dog had a big impact on me and I will always remember him.

My dear friend Elisa Ahokas (kennel LB Jolie) introduced me into dog shows when she got her first poodle in the year 1998. This was a remarkable event in little girl's life and I will always be grateful to Elisa for that. When I was just visiting dog shows, I remember how I used to watch all of those beautiful poodles, with lovely black eyes and movements that demanded attention. When my friend Elisa got her second poodle, I really started to think that maybe our family could have a dog (read: poodle) too.

With Elmo | Finik BOS & BOB-vet at Kuopio IDS 2012 | Our home | Chili BOS at Bornholm IDS 2017

I finally got my first poodle in the year 2002. The first one was a lovely apricot dwarf poodle male Onni (Trucker's Gambler Of Luck). Onni teached me a lot and he made me fall deeper in love with poodles. After Onni I got the dog of my life when Finik (Trucker's Quil Pri Que) walked into my life at the end of 2005. When I got Finik, I began to keep more and more contact with Sanna Koponen, the breeder of Onni and Finik. So, with Finik I got something other aswell: a true friend. Since 2008 I have been co-owning some dogs with Sanna.

Beside poodles I have always adored sighthounds but somehow poodles have just kept coming into my life. In the year 2012 happened a little change when a beagle boy Juti (Eevertti) came and turned my world upside down. He wasn't a sighthound but something different anyway. But then in the year 2014 my dream came true when cirneco dell'etna male Indy (Boxing Helena's Nascar) moved to Finland from Belgium. I already had the dog of my life, but I never knew that I would meet also my soulmate someday - and there Indy was. More information about my dogs you can find from their own pages.

Dogs have become a lifestyle during these years and I love my life just the way it is. I hope you'll enjoy your visit here!

- Paula